‘Undercover Boss’ Recap: Employee Identifies Disguised CEO After Saying He Looks ‘Kinda Rough’

Leave it to Undercover Boss to throw the perfect amount of shade at CEOs, while also making Us cry like babies. *Sigh* On the Wednesday, January 11, episode, AdvantaClean founder and CEO Jeff Dudan suited up (actually, down) to be “Dusty, the Hipster Dude” and spy on his $50-million-a-year cleaning business. 

While helping his employees protect homes from water and mold damage, Jeff made his workers — and yes, Us too — tear up in some emotional moments. That was, of course, after he was told he looked “a little funny” and “kinda rough” by his team. Here are all the sweet and salty moments from the episode.

Dusty’s compared to a small animal

When getting down and dirty to physically remove basement mold, employee Barry wasn’t too impressed with Jeff’s stature. “He looks like a mini cub, like a little mini bear,” Barry said. Still, they geared up in proper uniform to get in there. While bonding over dodging spiders and snakes, they shared a really sweet moment when Barry expressed love for his job. “I think of it like it’s my house. … I think of myself as a superhero. … My suit isn’t as nice as theirs, but hey,” he told the CEO. “It is a beautiful day.”

SOS with tools

Jeff headed to work inside a home kitchen with his employee Kyle — and he couldn’t hang. “I think I just threw up in my mouth,” he said while working on sink pipes. Meanwhile, Kyle wasn’t amused by his lack of knowledge in tools, or direction. 

“Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty — pretty easy,” Kyle said as Jeff was struggling. But later, the two had an emotional conversation when Kyle said his experience as a veteran and seeing vets’ alcohol problems made him pursue a degree to become a counselor. He revealed his friend committed suicide in front of his family, and we were waterworks already.

The beard didn’t do the job

Project manager Steven couldn’t get over the bizarre hair hanging from Dusty’s face. “Dusty does look a little funny. … He looked kinda rough,” he said, before going into detail about how weird his chin hair was. After secretly judging, Steven finally asked how long it took him to grow it out, saying, “Dusty, you’re a funny guy.” But he clearly wasn’t convinced, telling Jeff he knew who he was. “You’ve got a little hairier since I’ve seen you,” he told him. Beard busted.

Jeff Dudan, CEO and Founder of AdvantaClean Studio Lambert ©2016 CBS Broadcasting

Dusty has a secret admirer

Lastly, Jeff went to work with cleaning tech and single mom Danielle. “Dusty’s cute!” she said with a schoolgirl giggle. “Dusty looks like someone who works out because he’s so buff. … [He’s] like Hulk Hogan with itty-bitty dishes.” Get it, Danielle.

And as turned out, she was someone to be admired. She opened up about her sons, one with many illnesses, and how her high school sweetheart she married committed suicide. “Even if you’re in a bad mood, you always gotta smile,” she said. “I do my best.”

Jeff Dudan, CEO and Founder of AdvantaClean Studio Lambert ©2016 CBS Broadcasting

The part when everyone cried

In the end, it all came down to tears. When revealing who he was to his dedicated employees, Jeff rewarded them with gifts that even made Us shed a tear or two. He gave Steven his dream Harley-Davidson bike, which made him immediately start crying and tell Jeff, “I don’t know what to say — I’m lost.” Kyle was left speechless and in tears after Jeff gave him $20,000 to pursue his degree.

Danielle was given her first full-time job, a paid vacation and two years worth of rent so she could save to buy her first house. Barry shed tears and gave Jeff multiple hugs after receiving $10,000 for his wedding and his own business franchise. “He gave me a better chance to live,” Barry said.

Dang you, Undercover Boss, with your roller coaster of emotions and use of strange facial hair.

Tell Us: Was the Dusty beard weird enough to blow Jeff’s cover? And which reward at the end was the most deserving?

Undercover Boss airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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