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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Scheana Shay Snaps, Katie Maloney Walks Out on Tom Schwartz

Scheana Shay stood up to the bridesmaids! On the Monday, February 6, episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney and her bridal party ganged up on Scheana … and Scheana finally lost her cool.

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James’ Games Continue

As Scheana, Jax Taylor and Ariana Madix prepped for work, they recapped the drama that went down the night before.

“So last night, that was fun,” Jax laughed as he reminisced about his fight with James Kennedy that resulted in a drink being hurled in his direction. Lisa Vanderpump walked in and demanded to know what the crew was talking about.

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“James booked another job, and he invited Tom and I to come,” Ariana explained, eyeing Jax and Scheana. “But then a lot of other people came for maybe not benevolent reasons.”

Lisa was disappointed to hear that Jax and Scheana were stirring up trouble with her former employee. “I let James go so he could go off and rebuild himself, and suddenly to have Jax and Scheana trailing him around town looking for trouble is not what I had in mind,” she said.

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Meanwhile, James had a lot of explaining to do. When Jax and Scheana brought James’ past flings to his deejaying gig, they confronted his current girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, with apparent proof that James had cheated on her. But James told Raquel over dinner that the “groupies” probably just hopped into his bed, snapped a few photos and jumped back out.

As convincing as his explanation was, Raquel still asked James to reaffirm his loyalty to her. But James just told Raquel that she needed to trust him.

Maybe Jax isn’t the only one who needs to start going to church with Brittany Cartwright. DJ James Kennedy could use a little guidance …

“T. Sandy” Comes Out of Retirement

Tom “T. Sandy” Sandoval made his return to the world of modeling.

“For 30 years, I’ve despised models,” Ariana swore. “So it’s kind of hard to reconcile the fact that I’m now dating a model.”

Sandoval headed over to Joe Simpson’s place (yes, the father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson) for a test shoot, and brought along Tom Schwartz. As Sandoval sat in his makeup chair, Schwartz pleaded with him to keep Ariana’s attitude toward Stassi in check because their constant fighting was upsetting his wife-to-be.

Tom and Jax try on Lisa’s clothes

“Listen, I’m Team Katie for the next month. …” Schwartz reminded Sandoval. But Sandoval insisted that Ariana was not the problem.

“Ariana is not a combative person,” Sandoval said, defended his girlfriend. “Stassi, Kristen, Katie — all these people have proven to be combative.”

However, he promised Schwartz that he’d talk to Ariana and remind her to play nice for the sake of the wedding. But in the meantime, Sandoval’s focus was on his revived career. “Stomach in, d–k out!” Joe instructed Sandoval (who obviously was a natural).

Dressing in Drag

For his bachelor party, Schwartz decided he wanted to go full-on drag with the guys. “What guy hasn’t looked in the mirror and thought to himself, ‘I wonder if I could be a hot chick?’” Schwartz shrugged.

But even Jax had his limits. “I’m not shaving my beard,” he said, putting his foot down. “So I’m going to be one ugly woman.” Setting his facial-hair pride aside, Jax went ahead and asked Lisa if he could borrow a dress and some costume jewelry for the big transformation.

“Do I look like I have old costume jewelry?” Lisa demanded. “Seriously? Look at me.” But even Lisa couldn’t resist seeing “Jacqueline Taylor” in the flesh. The boys went over to Lisa’s home and took a tour of her closet for inspiration. Sandoval looked dashing in his lacy pink bra and shiny jewels — but Jax proved a tight LBD was not a good look for his bodacious bod.

James argues with his girlfriend

Scheana Snaps

The group was starting to get excited for Schwartz and Katie’s joint bachelor-bachelorette trip to New Orleans — but the drama between the bridesmaids and a particular grooms-lady was casting a cloud over the upcoming trip.

“Before we all go on this bachelor-bachelorette party trip together, there are some people in this wedding party that need to start falling in line,” Katie told the cameras. “First being Scheana, and then right underneath, Ariana.”

Katie insisted that Ariana say sorry to Stassi “for being a bitch” to her at the bridal shower. Ariana didn’t exactly apologize, but she did agree to not be so blunt and hurtful when talking to Stassi. With the Ariana-Stassi drama out of the way, the group was able to zero in on the second “offender”: Scheana.

But when the girls confronted Scheana about being a “fake” and “distant” bridesmaid, Scheana threw in the tea towel. “I have said I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Scheana screamed, slamming her hand down on the table. “F–k this! God.”

Scheana’s freakout prompted Katie to finally sit down with her and talk it out. But when one dramatic door closes, another one opens: Katie later picked a major fight with Schwartz and ended up walking out on him at a restaurant (with the wedding only a few weeks away).

Tell Us: Is Katie being a bridezilla and purposefully picking fights with everyone?

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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