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Very Cavallari’s Jon Stone Claims Ex Brittainy Taylor Isn’t Over Their Relationship (Exclusive)

Very Cavallari’s Jon Stone Claims Ex Brittainy Taylor Isn’t Over Their Relationship
Jon Stone and Brittainy Taylor. Shutterstock (2)

Is it really over for Very Cavallari’s Jon Stone and Brittainy Taylor? The “Some Girl” singer opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about filming the E! series with his ex.

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“She’s not over this relationship, there’s no possible way she can be and she tells me that,” Stone, who split from Taylor six months ago, told Us.

The Uncommon James employee, however, has already moved on with PJ Kellogg.

“Now looking back, I have talked to her a couple times,” Stone explained. “Some of the decision-making is bewildering to me. I was with this guy for four and a half years, wait a couple months then I’m going to get a boyfriend. If you can’t see the heartache coming from miles away.”

Still, the chances of a reconciliation aren’t totally off the table.

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“We broke up about six months ago. So many things would have to change. As the camera pulls back and scene widens you get a different perspective,” he said. “And as the camera has pulled back on this scene my perspective is like, ‘Wow, I’m not quite sure I ever want to do that ever again.’”

Very Cavallari’s Jon Stone Claims Ex Brittainy Taylor Isn’t Over Their Relationship
Jon Stone and Brittainy Taylor. Courtesy of Jon Stone/Instagram

Stone added that that their split was a surprise to him.

“When two people make a commitment to each other people are going to fall in and out of love. It’s just a matter of how they hang on and persevere the peaks and valleys,” he said, noting Taylor broke up with him on the first day of filming season 3. “And in my mind I had made a commitment to her so this is just a rough time and we need to explore avenues to fall in love again. She just felt differently and that’s OK. It was just alarming to me. It was really disheartening and it was just really sad. It really hurt that she would put our relationship in such a petty moment.”

Scroll through for more from Stone:
Us Weekly: Was there anything off limits on the show?

Jon Stone: We had some pretty extensive conversations after the first season about surprising me. You can’t surprise me because I am going to act 100 percent authentic and it may not be good for anybody. Don’t bring up issues on camera that haven’t been previously brought up. It just got to a point where that happened a few times and you can obviously see the reaction I give.

The only reason I ever did it was because I wanted to be close to Brittainy. I wanted to make her happy. Brittainy’s life was she was my girlfriend. I was always the breadwinner, having the success, being in the public eye. She would do red carpets with me. So this was a chance for her not to be my girlfriend and for me to be the boyfriend for once. I didn’t mind being a plus one. It was nice.

Us: Was it weird seeing your relationship play out on the show?

Stone: I personally don’t watch reality TV. I live in my own world as far as creatively and when I do get a chance to sit in front of any screen it’s typically documentaries.

So I only watched a couple episodes. I will tell you the weird part is where the relationship blurred between reality and television. It was almost like we forgot that this is a show for entertainment purposes and on the network [E!] Entertainment.

Us: But it started going downhill.

Stone: By season two they [producers] thought that our relationship was interesting and real so there was more of us on season two. There was a moment in the season that Brittainy didn’t see coming until it aired and she freaked out and he felt like I was deceiving her. In my mind I’m like, ‘This is entertainment. Do you want to get ratings?’ The entire time, in my mind, I’m doing a good thing for Brittainy. She is being successful, this is her thing. I am supporting her.

Us: Your band, American Young, wrote a song called “Some Girl.” Was it inspired by the break-up?

Stone: 100 percent that song is about Brittainy. It was when I was going through this. I remember sitting down in a sushi restaurant and she told me she kissed somebody at a bar and I just lost it. ‘What! That’s what you’re doing? You’re going out and kissing somebody at a bar now! Some stranger!’ I’m just thinking I know it may not be anything to you, you’re drunk and you just kissed somebody. But you can even think about what it does to me.

We had discussed we weren’t in love. Maybe I didn’t realize the relationship is over. I thought maybe we do something healthy and constructive like go to counseling, figure out how to communicate and take time. It really affected me and it was really upsetting. I didn’t know what to do. When I feel things, I write them down. Every word of the song is true. She’ll be some girl to me, but she won’t be my whole world anymore. That’s what it means.

Us: I understand another reality star, former Real Housewives of New York star, Jill Zarin, gave you some sage TV advice?

Stone: Jill and I are really close. There have been several times Brittainy, Jill and I have been on the phone together and Jill is speaking the truth about what it’s all about. She told me she always wished that her and Bethenny [Frankel] would have at least came to a conclusion. Not necessarily made up for everyone, but had some peace at the end of their relationship. And there wasn’t and she said that was difficult. She said if there’s anything she recommends is that we have some peace on the show. But the thing about that is both parties have to be ready for that.

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Us: Would you say the so-called curse of reality TV led to your break-up?

Stone: Reality television was a vehicle for our breakup. If you throw money or fame on people, it’s only going to accentuate who they really are. If anything, it takes a blanket off who they really are.

Us: And you were just nominated as a producer for an American County Music Award for Lee Brice’s song “Rumor.” Congratulations.

Stone: It’s been an exciting time with “Rumor.” We spent a lot of time on it, it’s almost four years old. We recorded it for two years. To watch it go two-times platinum now with a No. 1 record in the [United] States, hundreds of millions of plays, it’s amazing to see a song connect.

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