AnnaRose King Opens Up About Her First Feature Film ‘Good Enough’: ‘I Dramatized’ My Life

Ted Tremper and AnnaRose King in Good Enough
Ted Tremper and AnnaRose King in Good Enough Young King Productions

AnnaRose King opened up to Us Weekly about her first feature film, Good Enough, a project she wrote, directed and starred in, while attending its premiere on Tuesday, October 3, in NYC.

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The dramatic comedy follows Lorna Flynn (King), a New York-based flight attendant who attempts to locate her lost uncle in hopes of learning more about her family after her estranged father died. The film is loosely based on King’s personal experiences.

“I am a child of divorced parents,” King told Us. “As a very young kid, I flew a lot. I was one of those little kids, like in the movie, who got their wings and I did a lot of unaccompanied minor flights — so I felt connected to a flight attendant, to be honest. Life on the road and never being settled in one place, but it’s true that part is fiction. There are other aspects that are true, but you just can’t mine your own life and then expect people to be interested in it. So I dramatized.”

AnnaRose’s father, Roger King (media executive for King World Productions and CBS), died in 2007 as the aspiring filmmaker was wrapping up her senior year of college and applying to NYU’s film school.

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The American Viral director told Us that her father had encouraged her to explore her interest in the arts. “He did know that I wanted to go into [filmmaking] and he was definitely supportive of it,” she explained. “He took me into different meeting[s] and I got to see how he worked, but obviously, the feeling of loss in this movie is how I feel currently too. I have so many questions I would like to ask him and I know he’s helped so many people too — so that’s kind of where the feeling of this movie came from.”

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And while the young star has several director credits under her belt, AnnaRose’s greatest challenge while working on Good Enough proved to be “acting in it.” The star said while filming one of the movie’s more difficult scenes, “I was texting underneath the table to make sure we had insurance to film in the airplane the next day. Wearing too many hats was a challenge, but looking back, that made it the most rewarding too.”

As for the blonde beauty’s future aspirations in filmmaking, she’d love to work with Amy Shumer. “I think she’s awesome. I totally love how she attacks pain and family issues in Trainwreck. I would love to work with her or have her be my mentor. I definitely think she’s a total bad ass.”

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