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What Should Happen Next on Gossip Girl?

After waiting nearly half a season to find out exactly what Juliet was up to on Gossip Girl, fans got the answers to their burning questions on Monday's winter finale.

As it turns out, the Upper East Side's newest bad girl provided only some of the finale's biggest OMG moments. In a series of flashbacks, fans came to realize that the reason she's been after Serena for so long was due to family ties.

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Stay with Us for the backstory: The episode starts with Dan and Blair hunting around Juliet's hometown of Cornwall, Conn. — which just so happens to be where Serena jetted off to hide out after sleeping with Nate two seasons ago. When B and Dan meet up with Juliet's hometown cronie, Damien, the pieces start to come together.

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In a flashback sequence, Serena is seen partying and attending classes at the Knightley School — where it becomes clear that one of her professors looks awfully familiar. It's Juliet's brother, Ben! The same Ben who was fired from Knightley for allegedly having an affair with a student, which everyone believed to be Serena. S denies the affair, instead insisting that she fell hard for Ben but he turned her down.

Back in real-time, Juliet reappears in New York — in Serena's room at the mental hospital. She spills her guts and admits that she was the one who drugged Serena in an effort to pay her back for what she did to her brother. Later, the girls realize that Serena never signed the affidavit that threw Ben in prison…so who did? Well, her initials are LVDW.

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Lily van der Woodsen finally comes clean about her plot to nail Ben for statutory rape so her daughter would return to NYC. Disgusted, Serena takes matters into her own hands, and decides to trek to the prison to hear the story from Ben himself. Blair and Dan, on the other hand, go on a road trip to find the judge who processed the paperwork to lock up Ben.

So, that's the story, GG fans. Until January 24 that is. Sound off below to tell Us what should happen next for our favorite Upper East Siders when the series picks up again next month.

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What should happen next on Gossip Girl?

What should happen next on Gossip Girl?

Serena and Ben team up to exact revenge on Juliet
Lily's world comes crashing down
On their road trip, Blair and Dan get closer...and closer....and closer
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