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Will Arnett, Emily Axford and Brian Murphy Talk New Dating Series ‘Hot Date’

Will Arnett as Sam Keurig on ‘Hot Date'
Will Arnett as Sam Keurig on ‘Hot Date' 

While he’s used to being in front of the camera, Will Arnett decided to step back on Pop TV’s new series Hot Date. This time around, the star is an executive producer on the satire comedy.

Us Weekly caught up with Arnett, 47, as well as the show’s stars, comedians Emily Axford and Brian K. Murphy.

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Read our exclusive Q&A below:

Us Weekly: Will, what drew you to Hot Date?

Will Arnett: The title! It came in an email and I opened it and was like, “Oh, it’s this.”** I’m such a fan of Murphy and Emily’s videos and the content they created at CollegeHumor is so great. They have very clear, distinct comedic voices. I’m just excited to try and help them take that to a bigger platform and longer format. Sketch is very limiting. You gotta get in, say your jokes and get out. That’s true. The idea to take those elements that are really funny and weave in a narrative is interesting and a bold idea and they’ve executed so well. For me, its very satisfying to be a part of it to watch. It really does remind me of so many great shows I grew up watching. Its just cool to be part of, be included with such funny people.

Us: Why did you decide to step behind the camera this time?

WA: Of course getting to perform and play a character is super fun. That’s the gravy to me, if you will. But being able to be an EP on this show and really facilitate and step out of the way, help to create that platform as much as I can and just let them do what they’re really good at … that to me is equally as satisfying on a different level: watching funny people do something inventive and cool.

Emily Axford and Brian Murphy on ‘Hot Date'
Emily Axford and Brian Murphy on ‘Hot Date’

Us: What kind of topics can we expect the show to address?

Brian Murphy: We have characters that are in every stage of a relationship.

Emily Axford: [We tackle] the dating world; it’s ridiculous that it’s creepier to approach someone in real life than to hit them up online. In the longterm relationship, it’s like, What is the ettiequte with lingerie form a previous relationship? Presumably, it’s expensive, so do you throw it out? Or do you just wash it and wear it with a new person? We kind of take the stage of a relationship — beginning, first date, long-term relationship, marriage — and then come up with relatable experiences from this. We also have stuff that’s not necessarily between two people in a relationship but it’s about one. We have one story: when you get older and your friends get married and have kids, all of a sudden your friends start disappearing.

Us: Did being a real-life couple help you prep for the role?

BM: Absolutely. I think that a lot of the narrative storylines that we do in this show, we pull from our real lives.

Emily: Also in terms of performance, we play a lot of characters that make out. The fact that we’re actually married means that we can do lots of weird making out and not be grossed out, so all of our characters make out in a different way and we got to get real experimental because we have the comfort level of a married couple.

BM: It is nice to have that level of comfortability with your costar. We’re able to concentrate on making it funny.

Hot Date airs on Pop TV Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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