YouTuber Anna Brisbin Teaches Her Tiny Dachshund Dog ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Commands

Actor and YouTuber Anna Brisbin Taught Her Dog to Respond to the Cutest Harry Potter Commands!
Anna Brisbin and her dog Remus. Courtesy Anna Brisbin/Instagram

This little pup put a spell on Us! YouTuber Anna Brisbin showcased her Doxie dog’s talents on her Brizzy Voices page, which included stealing fans’ hearts by documenting the good boy’s responses to Harry Potter-themed commands.

“I taught my puppy Remus dog tricks in the form of Harry Potter spells,” the Tenured actress captioned the two-and-a-half minute clip about her canine pal, which is presumably named after Harry Potter werewolf/professor Remus Lupin. “Because of course I did.”

In the YouTube video, the four-legged friend answers to instructions from the popular wizard film series, including “Stupefy,” “Wingardium Leviosa,” “Avada Kedavra,” “Ascendio,” “Descendo” and more — all while wearing a gray sweater and yellow-and-red tie.

Actor and YouTuber Anna Brisbin Taught Her Dog to Respond to the Cutest Harry Potter Commands!
Anna Brisbin’s dog Remus. Courtesy Anna Brisbin/Instagram

Later in the clip, Brisbin even commanded the pup to pee using the word, “Aguamenti,” to which the dog gives a look of pride back at his owner.

Fans of the fantasy film series — based on the novels written by J. K. Rowling — couldn’t help but gush over the talented pooch in reply to Brisbin’s Twitter post.

“This has melted my heart and im suing for cuteness OH MY GOD!” one commenter wrote. Another added: “THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING OMG WHAT A HANDSOME BABY.”

Meanwhile, on Remus’ Instagram page, the four-legged friend appeared to be exhausted after all the Harry Potter fun.

“Expecto patronap,” a photo of the dog sound asleep is captioned. In the pic, the pup is rested next to a wizard wand that’s just as big as he is. A second clip on the pet’s page reads, “I’ve been learning only harry potter spells since i was two months old. ☺️✨ (full video including lumos, serpensortia, and more on @brizzyvoices YouTube channel).”

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