This Expensive Chocolate Bar Was Made to Taste Like Avocado Toast and Twitter Is Confused

Avacado Toast
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Leave it to a chocolate bar infused with real avocado toast to profoundly confuse the internet! Though the dessert sounds like something out of millennial Mad Libs, the sweet treat is the real deal and is currently being sold at Compartés Chocolatier in Los Angeles for $9.95 – about six times the cost of a Hershey’s candy bar.

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Compartés’ white chocolate bar, which takes two days to make, is created by blending the chocolate with actual chunks of avocado toast and some extra loose avocado for good measure.

Sure, this combo may seem a bit ridiculous, but as noted by Food Insider, the inherent creaminess of avocado actually makes it a good companion for chocolate. “Most people have never eaten an avocado chocolate bar before, but I dare you to try it because you will be amazed” Compartés Chocolatier owner Jonathan Grahm tells the outlet.

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In fact, the avocado chocolate bars have proven so popular in the past that this year actually marks their return appearance. “Last year we made 5,000 avocado chocolate bars with California avocado and they all sold out,” Grahm adds.

Since the avocado is mixed with white chocolate, the bar actually has a subtle green hue, but that’s not the only reason Grahm decided to combine the avocado with a lighter treat. “We had to pair it with white chocolate because avocado really doesn’t have a super strong flavor. It’s got that creaminess and amazing avocado flavor, but if you put it with milk or dark [chocolate] it would almost get lost,” he explains. “So blending it with white chocolate allowed us to really create an amazing flavor where you could taste the avocado.”

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The toast, which adds a bit of crunch and sea salt, compliments the sweet chocolate well, but that hasn’t stopped many Twitter users from being downright confounded by (but not all against) this creation. Check out some of the funny reactions below:

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