Chrissy Teigen Angers Twitter Users by Putting Cream Cheese on a Spicy Sausage Hot Dog

Chrissy Teigen Angers Twitter Users By Putting Cream Cheese on Spicy Sausage Hot Dog
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Chrissy Teigen’s unorthodox food choice has upset some Twitter followers, but she’s not backing down. The saga began on Wednesday, December 19, when Teigen tweeted about some of her latest eats. “Damn I forgot we also got a street sausage from randy at Seattle Sausage last night,” she shared along with a clip of her food being prepared. “Cream cheese on a spicy sausage dog is a DELIGHT.”

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However, while Teigen, 33, may find that combination downright delightful, Twitter wasn’t so sure. “Cream cheese to cut the heat on your regular hot dogs? Do what you like, but that sounds like a bland disaster to me,” wrote one user. Another simply added: “Eeeeeew.”

In fact, one follower thought Teigen’s meal might be a sign of some strange cravings, asking the cookbook maven bluntly, “Um…are you expecting?!”

When yet another follower dubbed the unusual combination “gross,” Teigen shot back with “You’re gross,” and she was only just getting started. After declaring that she doesn’t think she can go back to “cream cheeseless dogs,” the Lip Sync Battle cohost reminded her followers that it isn’t polite to criticize what others eat.

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“YUCKING OTHER PEOPLE’S YUM IS VERY UNBECOMING,” she mused. “Like eat your own damn food and be quiet. You weren’t invited anyway.”

The Cravings author later added, “ESPECIALLY if you haven’t even tried the food you’re yucking. I AM HEATED.”


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However, while some social media users clearly weren’t fans of Teigen’s hot dog and cream cheese combo, many others wholeheartedly supported her choice, and even raved about it. Check out a slew of more positive comments below:

Tell Us: Would you eat a spicy sausage hot dog with cream cheese?

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