Costco Is Selling a Wine Glass That’s 4 Feet Tall, So Happy Hour Just Got a Lot Better

Costco Is Selling a Wine Glass That's 4-Feet Tall, So Happy Hour Just Got A Lot Better
Patrick Fore/Unsplash

Talk about a heavy pour! While it’s par for the course for Costco to sell packages of toilet paper that can serve a family of four for months, or bags of snacks capable of lasting a lifetime, the wholesale destination has taken the “bigger is better” approach to a new level with one of its latest products.

According to several tweets, the big-box retailer is now selling a wine glass that is nearly 4 feet tall. To put that in perspective, this 46-inch drinking vessel is roughly the height of an average 6-year-old boy.

The glass (if we can call it that) appears to be marketed as a storage solution of sorts, as photos on the box illustrate it being used to hold holiday decorations, plants and used corks. However, there’s nothing to say you couldn’t use it as something to drink out of, though that might prove to be a bit difficult. However, if Costco also sells a 2-foot straw to go along with this monster, that might help.

Since there is no information about this container on the Costco website, the information regarding things like availability and price is a bit fuzzy, but customers are clearly enjoying the product.

Seeing as the glass is comically large, Twitter users have been having fun sharing sightings of it. “Thank you, Costco, for giving me a wine glass big enough to deal with 2018,” wrote one. Another added: “Lol, Ok Costco, like anyone is planning use that glass for ‘plant displays’. If you’ll excuse me, I need to find the isle with the 8ft wine bottle to go with my 4ft wine glass. Because you know… it’s all about proportion control…or is it portion control? Whatever. Bottoms up.”

Tell Us: Would you buy a wine glass that is nearly four feet tall?

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