LeBron James Delivers Pizzas to Unsuspecting People on the Street: ‘Oh My God!’

LeBron James Pizza Delivery
LeBron James Blaze Pizza/YouTube

Taco Tuesday fan LeBron James is shifting his focus to a new cuisine: pizza. The basketball phenom took to Twitter on Monday, September 9, to share a video of himself passing by a series of unsuspecting customers on the street.

The video, which was actually an ad made for Blaze Pizza, a chain based in California, features the Los Angeles Lakers star, AKA “Ron,” walking down a street with Blaze pizza boxes in hand. He is billed as Blaze Pizza’s “valued employee” who is “on a mission to upgrade the way you pizza.”

As customers stroll down the street, “Ron” introduces himself to them one by one. Not surprisingly, many are immediately aware of who this pizza delivery guy really is. “Oh, my god,” said one girl as she walked past the pro athlete.

Later, James, 34, gives some of the pizza boxes he is holding to various passersby. The pies, according to the olympic gold medalist, are made with “real ingredients” and feature “none of that frozen crust.” He also notes that the pizza chain is known for its “beautiful, unique toppings” including artichoke and arugula.

“Thank you, LeBron,” one customer declared after he gave her a box full of pizza.

“No, I’m Ron,” he joked. “I don’t know who LeBron is.”

The basketballer told another pizza fan, a young girl, to tell her friends to take her to Blaze Pizza. “Tell ‘em Ron sent you, OK?” He then gave the girl his Blaze hat and placed his hat on her head. “You’re gonna take Ron’s hat,” he said. “That’s yours.”

“Oh, my god,” she exclaimed.

When he tweeted the video on Monday James wrote: “What can I say?! Ron’s a man of the people.”

Currently, the clip has been viewed more than 1.2 million times and has hundreds of comments. “God bless Ron,” wrote one Twitter user. Added another: “No way I could keep it cool if I saw you on the street.”

Others asked James if a taco pizza was forthcoming, seemingly referencing his recent fascination with Taco Tuesday. In fact, James’ stint as a pizza spokesperson comes about a week after he filed to trademark the alliterative phrase for “advertising and marketing services,” “podcasting services” and “online entertainment services.”

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