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Oreo Music Box Plays Tunes After Being Activated With a Cookie and Where Can We Get One?

Oreo Music Box
Oreo Music BoxAmazon

Oreos and milk go together, but what about Oreos and music? Apparently Nabisco, the maker of the tasty sandwich cookie, is really trying to make that odd pairing happen with help from a new gadget called the Oreo Music Box.

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The gizmo is modeled after a traditional record player, but with a few key differences. For starters, it only begins serenading listeners with music once it’s activated with an Oreo cookie. In other words, consumers must place any Oreo on the “turntable” in order to hear some tunes.

Oreo Music Box
Oreo Music Box Amazon

Speaking of tunes, the Oreo Music Box doesn’t exactly blast any Top 40 hits, either. Instead, it plays “Oreo songs.” Per the product description on Amazon, where this treasure is being sold for $20, the turntable “turns any standard Oreo sandwich cookie, including White Fudge Oreo cookies into a musical device you can enjoy over and over again.”

If you want to change the song, you can apparently do that by taking a bite of the cookie, because why not? Customers also have the option of recording a personal holiday message or track to play when they initially activate the music box.

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What’s more? Since America’s Favorite Cookie is an integral part of this musical experience, the turntable itself comes with a package of three Oreo Thins, a sleeve of Oreos, and a helping of White Fudge Oreos.

The sole product review for the Oreo Music Box says: “Can’t go wrong with Oreos, but with a cookie as the record, expect crumby sound.”

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Tell Us: Will you be buying an Oreo Music Box this holiday season?