Peeps Introduces Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal: ‘Strange But It Works’

Peeps Cereal Is a Marshmallow Lover’s Dream
Peeps Cereal. Courtesy mnmtwinz/Instagram

Easter has come early this year! Though the holiday itself is still a few months away, several shoppers across the country have already spotted a new offering on supermarket shelves that has them looking forward to the occasion: Peeps cereal.

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Per an Instagram user named mnmtwinz – identical twins who find and review snack foods – the cereal, which is flavored like marshmallows and boasts actual marshmallow pieces in it, has been seen at some Target stores. It features circular cereal pieces in a mix of yellow, blue and pink hues, along with round white marshmallow bits.

The “breakfast food” also apparently has “the same texture as Apple Jacks” but tastes just like Peeps marshmallow candies. As the mnmtwinz Instagram review puts it, “It’s strange but it works!” According to the box, the sweet treat is a limited-edition food.

Believe it or not, the morning meal isn’t overly sugary either. Sure, it’s not like digging into a bowl of Bran Flakes, but the cereal is described as “not too sweet but not bland.” What’s more? Thanks to its versatile marshmallow taste, it’s good to mix with just about any other cereal you like.

Peeps Cereal Is a Marshmallow Lover’s Dream
Peeps. Paul Poplis/Getty Images

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Though Peeps cereal can’t be found on Target’s website just yet, Kellogg’s confirmed to Delish that the product is currently rolling out in grocery stores across the country and will remain on shelves while supplies last.

However, the response to the cereal seems mixed at best. While some simply can’t wait to get their hands on this sugary treat, others seem less sure about the pastel candies now having a presence at the breakfast table. As one Twitter user put it: “Peeps is making a cereal?!?? That is disgusting.” Added another: “Peeps now have a cereal, and I think I’ll have to pass on it.”

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