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Red Bull Launches New Peach and Pear Drinks Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Peach and Pear Red Bull
Peach and Pear Red Bull Red Bull

Red Bull just made Valentine’s Day a bit sweeter. The energy drink label announced on Wednesday, February 6, that it’s adding two new beverages to its line of Editions thirst-quenchers, which are flavored versions of its standard caffeinated offerings.

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The latest additions to the growing Red Bull family are Peach Edition and Pear Edition, the latter of which is sugar-free. Each energy-booster is now available nationwide in 12-ounce, single-serve cans. What’s more? These drinks will offer “the wings of Red Bull” with the taste of peach-nectarine and crisp pear, respectively, according to a press release. Talk about a perfect “pearing!”

Peach Red Bull
Peach Red Bull Red Bull

Given that Valentine’s Day is around the corner the introduction of these newbies hopes to answer the playful romantic query, “You’re a peach, who’s your pear?”

The Austrian beverage company first debuted Red Bull Editions in 2013 as a drink that stands for “taste and choice.” In addition to the new peach variety, the Editions line also includes The Red Bull Red (cranberry), Blue (blueberry), Yellow (tropical), Orange (tangerine), Green (kiwi apple) and Coconut (coconut and berry.)

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As far as sugar-free offerings go, the pear-flavored drink is now in good company with Red Bull Lime Edition Sugar-Free and Red Bull Purple Edition Sugar-Free, which is designed to taste like açaí berry.

Pear Red Bull
Pear Red Bull Red Bull

While Red Bull has been around since 1984, the energy drink is as popular as ever. Per the press release, it is now sold in 170 countries worldwide and more than six billion cans were consumed last year. Believe it or not, two billion of those were sipped in the United States alone.

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However, if you’re looking for a new food offering that won’t quite jolt you awake the way a can of Red Bull might, give Post’s Sour Patch Kids cereal a shot. The breakfast food, which first hit supermarket shelves last month, features whimsical kid”-shaped pieces with a sour coating and a sweet finish, reminiscent of the candy itself. In fact, consumers who have tasted the cereal say it boasts the same sweet and sour flavor as the popular snack.

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