Sour Patch Kids Cereal Officially Debuts With ‘Sour Then Sweet Taste’

Sour Patch Kids Cereal Officially Debuts With 'Sour Then Sweet Flavor'
Post Consumer Brands and Mondelēz International are making this winter a little less sour, with the new sweet Post SOUR PATCH KIDS® flavored Cereal. Post Consumer Brands

The rumors were true! About two months after Sour Patch Kids cereal was first discussed as a possible new breakfast food, the food item has officially found its way to supermarket shelves.

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The candy-inspired cereal made its grand debut on Tuesday, January 22, and is described as having the same sweet and sour flavor as the popular snack. The cereal features fun, “kid”-shaped pieces with a sour coating and a sweet finish, reminiscent of the candy itself.

“We are excited to introduce fans to a new first-of-its-kind cereal, one that they never dreamed was possible,” said Post Consumer Brands chief marketing officer Roxanne Bernstein in a press release. “Post Sour Patch Kids-flavored cereal brings the sour then sweet taste of the beloved candy brand right to the cereal bowl.”

While the idea of mixing Sour Patch Kids with milk (or even non-dairy alternatives) might sound a bit cringeworthy, Bernstein says the cereal is delicious “both straight out of the box and with milk.”

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Still, when rumors of the cereal’s impending arrival first began circulating in November 2018, not everyone was sold on the idea. “I’ve just been informed that there is a Sour Patch Kids cereal. God is dead and we have killed him,” tweeted one naysayer at the time. Added another: “Sour Patch Kids Cereal? With milk? No thanks.”

However, there were some social media users who were at least interested in trying the new breakfast offering. One tweeted, “Today I found out that Sour Patch Kids cereal exists and I cerealously cannot think about anything else,” while another declared he was “def trying” the interesting food.

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Sour Patch Kids cereal is currently only for sale in Walmart stores, according to the press release, but it is expected to available in major retailers across the country starting in June.

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