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Bring Out Your Inner Glow With the Best Face Wash

highly rated face washes
Cleansing should play an essential role in your daily skincare routine. Apart from removing traces of dirt from your face, it also makes your skin glow and look more healthy. 

A face wash is a crucial part of a proper skincare routine. While the primary purpose of a face wash is to rid your face of dirt, oil, and pollution, it can do much more, including moisturizing your face, killing acne-causing bacteria, and nourishing the skin. 

That said, we understand that picking the right face wash can be a hassle. So, this list aims to make your life easier with a list of the top face washes of 2022.

Detailing the Top Face Wash of 2022

Naturopathica Oat Cleansing Face Wash – Best Overall

face wash reviews
Get smooth, radiant skin with the Naturopathica Oat Cleansing Face Wash. This face wash contains all the ingredients to truly elevate your skin’s health and look. The three-in-one solution can clean, exfoliate, and even be used as a mask for a 10-minute refresher after a hard day for your skin. 

This face wash has enough to last you months of beautiful skin. Just a dime-sized drop of the face wash is enough to use each day and night to nourish your skin. It contains oat protein and oat beta glucan to calm inflammation, soothe dryness, and fight irritation. Jojoba beads inside the wash also gently exfoliate skin to clear any dead skin cells and rejuvenate your face. With all these amazing ingredients and more, this oat face wash is the best overall on the list. 


  • Fights inflammation
  • Soothes dryness
  • Exfoliates away dead skin cells
  • Smell is off-putting for some

Grown Alchemist Face Wash – Runner Up

face wash reviews
Go easy on your sensitive skin with the Grown Alchemist Face Wash. This gentle gel face cleanser is made of geranium leaf, bergamot, and rose leafs and will do everything for your skin! It can reduce pore size and age spots, even out your skin tone, and soothe your skin with a little added aloe vera. The all-natural formula means you’re never applying harsh chemicals or irritants to your face while using this outstanding face wash. 

The sweet orange scent will have you falling in love with the wash, as it’s light, pleasant, and a great way to start your morning refreshed. The pH is neutral so your face doesn’t dry out, especially if you have sensitive skin. It can be combined with a retinol or your other skin care steps for a full routine that makes your skin glow! 

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Evens skin tone
  • Gentle on face
  • Not evaluated by the FDA

PanOxyl Face Wash – Best Benzoyl Peroxide Formula

face wash reviews
Tackling acne to get a healthier-looking complexion is not a dream anymore. Containing benzoyl peroxide, a key ingredient to clear skin, this PanOxyl Face Wash is antiseptic. It has the formula to kill acne-causing bacteria, making it a good pick for those with acne. 

Controlling acne isn’t the only highlight of this face wash, it not only cleans and unclogs pores on the back, chest, and face, but also eliminates and prevents new blemishes. Besides that, it is also free of parabens and fragrance. This makes it a great choice, as you can find all the essentials for healthy skin in one product. 

  • Great to tackle acne
  • Doesn’t cause pigmentation
  • Free of parabens and fragrance
  • Low-quality bottle without a pump

Clean & Clear Face Wash – Best Value for Money

face wash reviews
Coming in an extra value pack of two, the Clean & Clear Face Wash is a complete package for you so that you don’t have to spend extra time or money repurchasing. 

 The morning facial cleanser features a citrus fragrance and removes skin impurities that build up overnight to help jumpstart your day. It gives your skin a burst of vitamins and energy and invigorating ginger extract to nourish your skin and help you feel fresh in the morning. 

 On the flip side, the nighttime face wash in the pack combines sea kelp extract and deep sea minerals. Together, these wash away all the impurities that build up on the skin throughout the day. 

  • Nourishes and cleanses the skin
  • Oil-free and non-comedogenic
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Doesn’t deep cleanse your face

La-Roche Posay Face Wash – Best for Sensitive Skin

face wash reviews
If you have dry and sensitive skin, choosing this La-Roche Posay Face Wash might be wise. It is made with a super-hydrating and ultra-gentle formula that helps dissolve excess oil and washes away all the impurities without stripping your skin. 

 The soap-free yet creamy formula of this face wash doesn’t cause any sort of irritation on your skin. Instead, it features ingredients like soothing ceramides, glycerin, and prebiotic thermal water that help increase your skin’s hydration level and restores your skin’s protective barrier. 


  • Provides deep cleaning
  • Comes in an environment-friendly bottle
  • Comes with a pump bottle
  • Might end up drying oily skin

Cetaphil Face Wash – Best for All Skin Types

face wash reviews
With a mild, non-irritating formula that softens as it cleans, this Cetaphil Face Wash can be used by everyone, regardless of skin type. Not only is it non-comedogenic, but it also helps maintain your skin’s pH.

Though it works for all skin types, this face wash may be most beneficial if you’re someone with sensitive or dry skin. This is because it won’t make your face dry at all. Instead, it will leave your skin well moisturized. This face wash will remove grime and dirt from your face. This is the perfect option for those looking to add a simple step to their skincare routine. 

  • Smooth on skin
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Affordable price
  • May cause breakouts

Solimo Face Wash – Most Environmentally Friendly

face wash reviews
Formulated with a combination of ginseng and vitamin C, this Solimo Face Wash is perfect if you’re looking for a new product to add to your skincare lineup. This face wash is under the spotlight because it is polyethylene-bead free and uses non-plastic cellulose beads instead, making it environmentally friendly.

 This face wash is not only designed to fight blemishes and treat acne, but it also brings out a clean and refreshing look. It has a refreshing citrus scent, leaving your skin looking glowy. 

  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Nourishing for skin
  • Exfoliating properties
  • Scent may not be your favorite

Finding Your Next Face Wash: A Buyer’s Guide

As the foundation of the skincare regimen, a face wash is essential for cleansing dirt, sweat, bacteria, and dead cells from your skin. You might not know it, but face washes are not one-size-fits-all, so you need to consider several factors before making a purchase.

To help you in that matter, this list was put together to outline some fundamentals you need to consider before buying a face wash. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Face Wash

Even though you should consider many things before buying a face wash, we’ll be looking at some of the most important ones.


Before purchasing a face wash, you need to know what you will use it for. If you use makeup regularly and want a face wash for cleansing the face and removing makeup, then you should look for a face wash that excels at removing makeup and dirt.

If you’re searching for a good scrub, you should opt for an exfoliating face wash. If you sweat a lot, then a face wash that tackles the clogged pores on your face might be a great choice.

Mild fragrance

It doesn’t matter how compelling the face wash looks, sometimes the overwhelming scents are just too much for your skin. Your face wash and fragrance are separate things, and you should treat them as such.

Especially if you’re someone with sensitive skin, you should choose a fragrance-free face wash to safeguard yourself from any irritation.


Face washes come in a variety of consistencies, ranging from thick and creamy to clear and gel-like. With that said, choosing which one to buy depends mainly on your skin type.

Generally, it is recommended to buy a creamy and thick face wash if you have dry skin. If your skin is oily, you should consider getting a face wash with a gel-like foamy consistency.

Exfoliating ingredients

When you are buying a facewash, consider getting one that has exfoliating ingredients, as they help clean your skin and remove dirt and dead skin cells quite effectively.

Facial cleansers with microbeads or peach pits ingredients are known to be great at exfoliating your skin, promoting blood circulation, and adding a glow to your skin.

Skin type

Before you rush to a store and purchase a fancy-looking bottle of face wash, you need to know your skin type. Each face wash has different ingredients and formulas. While these formulas might suit one skin type, they can cause irritation and even acne breakouts to other skin types. Read below to learn more about which face wash is most suitable for you according to your skin type.

Know Your Skin Type

There are several skin types, and not all kinds of face wash are recommended for each of them. If you don’t know your skin type yet, you need to determine it first, and several indicators can help you.

Once you know your skin type, here are a few different considerations about your next face wash.

Normal skin

People with normal skin need to look for a face wash containing ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, salicylic acid, and chemical exfoliants.

Not only do these ingredients increase the hydration level of the skin, but they also encourage skin cell turnover and soften the skin to keep it healthy.

Dry skin

Individuals with dry skins should choose a face wash with ingredients like lactic acid, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils, such as jojoba and avocado. These ingredients will not only help to hydrate the skin but will also moisturize it.

Other than that, if you have dry skin, you need to steer clear of ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acids as they reduce the oil on the skin and further dry it out, creating irritation, redness, and even cracking.

Oily skin

To reduce the oil content of your skin and prevent breakouts, individuals with oily skin need to look for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid in their face wash. These ingredients will help clear out and remove excess oil from the skin pores.

Another natural ingredient is tea tree oil which will dissolve oils and kill bacteria. If you struggle with acne, the ingredients mentioned above will also clear out pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Sensitive or combination skin

An ultra-gentle face wash is ideal for sensitive and combination skin types. Your face wash should be not only fragrance-free, but also paraben-free, soap-free, and hypoallergenic so it can safeguard the skin against irritation.

Other than that, individuals with combination skin should avoid using physical scrubs or any face wash that has microbeads, as these may cause tears and lead to further irritation in the skin.

People Also Asked

Q: What is the difference between a face wash and a cleanser?

A: A face wash is made with a formula and ingredients ideal for cleaning your pores more deeply. It features a foamy texture to get deep in your pores. A facial cleanser is ideal for purifying, soothing, and hydrating your skin and features a creamy, gel-like, milky, or even watery texture. 

Q: How often should a face wash be used?

A: Ideally, it’s recommended to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. Doing so will significantly help in removing built-up pollutants and irritants. With that said, if you have extra-dry skin, you should only wash your face once a day, or consult your dermatologist for the right advice. 

Q: Can a face wash expire?

A: Definitely. Like all other skincare items, a face wash also comes with an expiration date. This time usually starts when you open the container. You are advised to check the expiration date when you purchase a face wash. 

Q: When is the ideal time to use face wash?

A: Many qualified dermatologists say it is ideal to use face wash at night, since it will free your face of the dust particles and impurities that accumulate on your skin. 

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