3 Steps to Scoring Smooth, Touchable Skin

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Heidi Klum may have supermodel status, but the real secret to getting smooth, sexy skin like hers is to exfoliate in all the right places.

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But before you start scrubbing like crazy, keep in mind that your body doesn't get as dry in the summer as it does in the winter, so you'll only need to slough twice a month. Here, Brenda Prescott, Lead Massage Therapist at The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa by La Prairie, reveals the right ways to smooth your rough patches.

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Choose your potion. Opt for a salt scrub since sugar tends to melt too quickly. Not to mention, salt is much more aggressive at removing dead skin cells. To get the best results, mix course salt crystals with a little bit of olive, coconut, or baby oil — this allows for the salt to stick and move around better, ensuring maximum coverage.

Start to slough. Start at your feet and exfoliate in a circular motion (if you stroke up and down you could miss spots). Continue to work your way up as this allows for better circulation towards the heart, and the better the body's circulation, the more toxins it is able to release. Don't forget rough areas like knees and elbows! Although you can use your hands to scrub, salt will stick to a mitt better.

Wash it away. Once finished, be sure to rinse well. The oil used during the exfoliation process will be enough of a moisturizer to keep skin smooth, supple and hydrated.

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