Beauty Crush: Emmy Rossum’s Super Shiny Hair

 Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Suave

If you're a fan of the Showtime series, Shameless, you may not realize that Emmy Rossum, who plays, Fiona Gallagher, has some of the most gorgeous hair in Hollywood. That's because the 24-year-old actress receives a minimal amount of professional primping on the set. In fact, she says that the stylist's actually make her hair look frizzy in keeping with her tough-as-nails, no frills character.

But in real life, her locks are super shiny and perfect. So it makes sense that Suave Hair Care would team up with the actress (and her glossy mane) for the launch of their site,, which compares hair styled with the reformulated Suave Professionals collection to salon products. We got an opportunity to chat with Rossum, and naturally we used it to ask her all about her hair:

Us: What are your must have hair products?
ER: Well I have really massively curly hair and I don't do much of it on the show so in my off time I like to be a little more glamorous. I use Suave Vibrant Shine Spray; even if my hair just gets really dry it masks any dryness.  I like to sleep in conditioner. I find that really restores dry hair. So those are my little tricks.
Us: What conditioner do you use?
ER: I like Suave Black Raspberry and White Tea Conditioner, but you can also do a little olive oil treatment and go all natural and do that too.
Us: You mentioned your hair is "massively curly." Do you prefer to wear your hair naturally curly or blown out straight?
ER: I prefer minimal upkeep. I mean, I'm spending more time in LA now so there are more people like wandering around with cameras in bushes and you know popping out in odd moments when you’re in the grocery store so I like to just kind of diffuse and then touch up the curls with an iron if I’m just running out.
Us: What’s your favorite red carpet hairstyle?
ER: I like either simple waves that are down or some kind of more structured more fun updo, but I don’t like anything that’s too stiff or matronly. I like to keep it kind of soft and modern.

Us: Have you picked up any good beauty tips from the pros you work with?
ER: Yeah, for the show usually I sleep in braids: either pigtail braids or four or five braids around my hair. It looks really silly to sleep in but if you just put hairspray on or get it damp and then braid it'll kind of dry with a beachy, crunchy wave for the next day and that'll make it easier and you won’t have to spend as much time doing your hair.
Us: Any other good hair tips?
ER: If you're using a curling iron, curl away from your face. I sometimes curl into the face and it looks like I’m wearing curtains on my head.
Us: If you could have any other celeb's hair, who would it be?
ER: I think Diane Kruger has a beautiful color and I love a red head. I love Julianne Moore I think she's just stunning.
Us: Do you think you'll ever switch up your own color?
ER: I think it’s a little scary for me because I like to keep my hair pretty healthy. I'm always worried about Lady Gaga clumps falling out, like she said. But yeah, I think I'd switch it up.
Us: If you were dyeing your hair today what color would you change to?
ER: I would probably do a honey blonde. Something fun for the summer. No plans for anything like that soon though.

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