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Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum

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Full Name: Emmy Rossum
Hometown: New York, NY
Birthday: September 12, 1986

Friending fashion: The couture-clad star is a serious 21st-century shopper: vintage stores in Paris, the shoe department at Bendel’s, NYC boutiques Scoop and Olive & Bette’s, plus some scouting on and “For red-carpet events,” says Rossum, “I surf and pick out my favorite dresses and contact the designers personally.”  Easy-access accessories: “As much as I plan,” says Rossum, “my favorite pieces are usually unplanned Carrie Bradshaw-style impulse buys, like my VITA bracelets, Hermes scarves, and Louboutin shoes.” Head of the class: On a bad-hair day — and NYC provides plenty — Rossum’s go-to is her light-blue cashmere Ralph Lauren skullcap adorned with pearls and crystals. “I’ve lost it several times but it’s always recovered!” Best fashion tip: “I’m getting more comfortable with shorter hemlines, but I avoid a short skirt and a low neckline in the same outfit,” she says. “It’s like smoky eyes and red lips—one, but never both together.”

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