Brooklyn Decker Reveals Breast Milk ‘Is Good for the Face’

Breast milk … does the face good?! At least that’s what Brooklyn Decker claims. Since becoming a mom of son Hank, 2, the model has picked up some fashion and beauty tips and tricks — and luckily for Us Weekly, she shared some of her favorites. Watch the video above!

Diaper Bag Essentials

It may seem a bit obvious, but Decker, 30, advises to load up your diaper bags with, well, diapers, “because they go to the bathroom constantly.” Also, invest in some Honest Soothing Bottom Wash because “it helps the stickiness of the poop.”

Getting Mom-Inspired

While the Grace and Frankie actress credits her mom as her inspiration, she also admires Julia Roberts, who is mom to twins Phinneaus and Hazel, both 12, and a son, Henry, 9.

“I look at someone like Julia Roberts who stepped out of the spotlight to raise her children and sort of stepped away from the business and sacrificed a massive career so that she could be with her family,” Decker told Us. “And I really respect that.”

Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker.

Breast Milk Beauty

While Decker, who is expecting a baby girl with husband Andy Roddick, hasn’t tried it, she has heard that “breast milk is good for the face.”

“I heard it’s a cure-all and it gets rid of zits and under eye circles,” the actress told Us. “I was a little too scared to try it the first time around, but I might steal a little milk from this baby and see what happens.”

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Decker warns that around four months postpartum all your hair “falls out.” She told Us there’s nothing you can do, but work with what you have.

“When you are a new mom and you have that messy slept in hair just own it,” Decker said. “Like you meant for it to look that way.”

The model added that if you’re really having a hair crisis, “just take your kids puke and run it through your bangs because what else is there to do?”

To find out more of Decker’s tips and tricks, watch the video above.

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