Camilla Belle’s Beauty Tips: Her Eyebrow Secrets and Love for Fragrance

Camilla Belle Launches Love & White Diamonds Fragrance
 Jason Mendez/
Camilla Belle Launches Love & White Diamonds Fragrance
Jason Mendez/

Camilla Belle isn’t just an acclaimed actress and the owner of a famous pair of eyebrows, she’s also the spokesperson for a new scent by Elizabeth Taylor fragrances. Love & White Diamonds is a musky floral mix featuring gardenia and jasmine that was inspired the fiery romance Taylor shared with her Richard Burton. To celebrate, we got the star of the upcoming film The Mad Whale to dish on what drew her to the fragrance, her date-night beauty strategy and her makeup tip to her oh-so-famous brows. Read on for the scoop!

Stylish: This fragrance is partially inspired by this famous, crazy love affair. Did that speak you?

Camilla Belle: Maybe that’s too tumultuous to aspire to! I’m drawn to Elizabeth. I always kind of tracked her relationships and then her life, generally. She was an icon for me. She represents so much, not only in the industry, but as a human being. It’s so awe-inspiring, her legacy, not only for her fragrance, but she’s also given a portion of the proceeds of fragrances back to her AIDS Foundation.

I was also inspired by their love letters to each other. And the fact that the fragrance itself is very light and fruity and clean. There’s something that is quite flirtatious as well.

S: Let’s talk makeup! You’re so known for your brows. Do you have any tricks to them?

CB: Those don’t go away. The trick is DNA, thanks to Mom’s side of the family. But also maintenance. It’s about having a good brow gel and brush, and making sure you’re shellacking them into place. There’s one make-up artist that I worked for a long time, Brett Freedman, and he made a great brow product. I use it on a daily basis. I have the brush and the gel.

Camilla Belle co-hosts Elizabeth Taylor Love & White Diamonds New Fragrance Launch
Bryan Bedder/Getty

S: Other than that, do you have a go-to makeup look?

CB: I like to play up my eyes more than anything. But normally day-to-day I don’t wear a lot of makeup at all. Maybe just a light pencil. And curl the lashes — it’s more important than mascara!

S: That’s pretty stripped down! Do you feel like that’s always your strategy, even for date-night?

CB: I do ’cause that’s not me. I’m not someone who loves all this pomp and circumstance. I say, “This is who I am, so you’d better like it. If you don’t, too bad.”

S: We know it’s only October but we’re thinking ahead. Any styles you’re looking forward to wearing for the holidays?

CB: A little perfume, eye makeup, a slick bun and I’m ready! I grew up dancing ballet, so a little slick bun look is very classic and elegant.

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