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Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Her Best Beauty Hack and the Drugstore Skin Product She Loves

Balancing it all! Candace Cameron Bure has her hands full and isn’t stopping anytime soon. The Fuller House actress, 41, just released her best-kept secrets for looking and feeling great in her new book – Staying Stylish. Bure stopped by to chat with the Stylish crew at Us Weekly to share how she looks great after a flight, the cheapie skin product she can’t live without and the best beauty advice she’s ever received. Watch the video!

Candace Cameron
Candace Cameron

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Stylish: What are your secrets to staying stylish?    

Candace Cameron Bure: Skincare is the most important thing for me. I never go bed without taking my makeup off. The best investment you can make is your skin. It’s really the first thing people see. As far as fashion, I love the basics when it comes to an outfit because I know I can always accessorize.

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Stylish: Who’s your celebrity style icon?

CCB: There are so many wonderful style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I love watching Zendaya or Victoria Beckham hit the red carpet, but my real style icons are the women that I see walking around everyday. They’re really who I pick up a lot of my fashion cues from. It’s not about a stylist dressing them, or not necessarily wearing what’s most trendy or fashionable, but [it’s about] them feeling confident and good about themselves.

Candace Cameron Bure Staying Stylish Cover

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Stylish: What are your favorite beauty hacks?

CCB: Sometimes cooling eye gel pads are my best friend especially after long flights. I love those masks that you can put on, they’re very cooling and refreshing and moisturizing.

Stylish: What are products you won’t leave home without?

CCB: My moisturizer which is Dr. Lancer’s Nourish. I won’t leave home without sunscreen either. I have the type of skin that I go out in the sun for five minutes, I have a new sunspot on my face. And Vaseline is kind of like my go-to product that kind of works for a million things. I use it on my lips. I can take off my eye makeup with it. I can also put it on cuts. Lots of multiple uses for Vaseline.

Stylish: What is the best style and beauty advice you’ve ever received?

CCB: True beauty comes from the inside out. So when you are confident in yourself and you feel good about yourself that absolutely shines no matter what you’re wearing.

Stylish: Any tips for holiday style?

CCB: Having a bold necklace that is very jeweled or extra sparkles, rhinestones and glitter – that screams holiday!

Stylish: What does staying stylish mean to you?

CCB: Staying stylish really encompasses a lifestyle. Fashion and beauty, hair, makeup, skincare. But also taking care of yourself from the inside out. Fitness, eating well, spending quiet time with yourself. That’s what being stylish means to me.

Staying Stylish is available now in bookstores and online.

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