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Celebrity Engagement Ring Concierge Michelle Demaree on Ring Trends and Tips on Picking Out the Perfect Sparkler

michelle demaree engagement ring
Courtesy Michelle Demaree

Bling bling! Michelle Demaree, a Beverly Hills based engagement ring concierge, sat down with Stylish to dish on all things rings. Demaree helps celebrities and high net worth individuals procure particularly unique rings and has seen many interesting things unfold during her time on the job.

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“For most men, when they are deciding to propose marriage to their beloved partner there is a certain amount of secrecy that needs to be involved, but when a male celebrity (or a man who us dating an A-list celebrity) is thinking of proposing and needs to find an engagement ring, the level of secrecy involved behind the scenes is like a highly covert military operation,” she joked. “If the man in question is seen exiting a well-known engagement ring store or ring designer’s office and is photographed there, the whole world will find out before he got to surprise his bride.”

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To combat this, Demaree says going through secret back doors, underground entrances and having hotel room or house meetings is common. “Some male celebrities take months trying to find the most unique ring to impress their future fiancée,” she told Stylish. “Even though the marriage didn’t last, Brad Pitt spent months designing the perfect engagement ring for Angelina Jolie.”

michelle demaree enagement

In other cases, female celebrities are buying their own rings. “In today’s modern age, not all A-list females are dating men who have as much money as they do, so the celebrity partner becomes more heavily involved in picking out her ring and spending her own money on it,” she dished.

And for other couples it’s a full-on last minute decision. “Some celebrities can be very impulsive and spur of the moment. I have had to fly across the country at a moment’s notice with a selection of multi-million dollar rings to meet a famous athlete in a hotel room so he could propose the next day,” Demaree revealed.

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But one thing is for sure when it comes to sparklers: they have to be special. “There is no pause or slow-down for 2019 when it comes to the oval diamond. Whether you are rocking a classic oval solitaire set in yellow gold like Hailey Baldwin or a pink oval diamond ring in rose gold like Blake Lively, ovals are known for their sparkling, large spread and elegant elongated shape,” she explained. “Next to Round Diamonds, which will always be number one, women are more often choosing ovals as their shape of preference and this trend will continue for several years.”

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