Every Genius Way Chrissy Teigen Uses Coconut Oil

Chrissy Teigen
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Team coco … nut oil! The plant-based product is taking over Chrissy Teigen‘s life — and she’s not mad about it.

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“I started getting into coconut oil maybe two or three years ago,” Teigen, 30, who was named a spokeswoman for Vita Coco Coconut Oil Thursday, July 7, tells Us Weekly. “That’s when I fell in love with cooking a little lighter because my metabolism slowed down a bit. But now it’s gone from food to beauty.” Scroll through to see each way she puts the vitamin E–rich oil to use!

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1) Butter Substitute

“I’m like, ‘I gotta find a way to be able to enjoy flavors, but still cook the way I want to cook,'” she tells Us. “[I] put 2 tablespoons of oil or so into a cast-iron dish and fry [my] eggs in it. It comes off the pan so nicely; it’s a much better flavor. [Plus] I pop popcorn with it and you have this nice sweet coconut with this tinge of flaky sea salt on top.” She also spreads coconut oil on toast in the broiler and fries chicken with it.

2) Moisturizer

When she’s not cooking with it, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model slathers it all over her skin. “I use it on my cuticles every single day,” the Cravings cookbook author shares. “I love to use it on my lips and on the wrinkles around the eye.”

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3) Diaper Rash Cream

Luna, 2 months, whom Teigen shares with husband John Legend, also enjoys frequent helpings of coconut oil. “It is the only thing that actually hasn’t been too harsh for her,” Teigen noted of Luna’s sensitive skin. “I truly have not had a diaper rash since [I started using it]. … She smells like a little Thai coconut curry! I love it!”

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4) Doggie Treat

Teigen even puts coconut oil on her dogs’ snouts. “They’re bulldogs, and bulldogs are filthy and disgusting and anything that can make them look a little more beautiful and presentable, I am down for!” she jokes. “They just fall in love with it; they lick it all day. For the next 20 minutes they’re occupied, once you put it on their noses. And it’s good for their digestive systems.”

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5) Makeup Remover

“I don’t wear it under makeup or anything crazy, but [I remove] stubborn mascara or waterproof eyeliner [with it],” she explains. “You put a little bit on a tissue and just wipe downwards. It takes everything off naturally.”

According to Teigen, it even leaves her skin less irritated. “You know how a lot of makeup removers have alcohol in them, so they dry out your eyeballs and they dry out your skin?” she says. “This wipes it away, but keeps your skin hydrated.”

Since the Lip Sync Battle cohost began eating and applying the oil topically, she has noticed a big difference. “Oh, my skin changed 100 percent. I’m not kidding, from the inside out, it changed,” she says. “Everything you eat shows up in your skin and shows up in your face.”

Which way would you use coconut oil?

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