Get Hollywood’s Zombie Look This Halloween

 TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC

Skip the scary mask this Halloween and create your own zombie look with the help of The Walking Dead's makeup artists, Greg Nicotero (pictured, left) and Andy Schoneberg. All items can either be found in the pantry or in a Halloween costume store.

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First, "zombie-fy" your tresses and apply a handful of conditioner to dry hair. “Put way more conditioner than you would ever use in the shower," Schoneberg tells Coat strands evenly so hair is left greasy and lifeless.

When creating a creepy, wrinkled zombie face, first apply liquid latex (found at costume stores) to the skin. Start off at the forehead and use the "stretch and stipple" technique favored by Schoneberg.

"Stretch the skin, and apply a layer of liquid latex over the top," Schoneberg advises Us. "Dry it [with a hair dryer], powder it and then let it go." The effect is a "network of fine, crepey wrinkles over the surface," Schoneberg says.

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After the entire face is wrinkled, create a "busted nose" using the latex and facial tissue. First paint a layer of latex on the nose, then add small, ripped pieces of tissue. "Wrinkle [the tissue] up to make it look a little more eaten away," Schoneberg tells Us.

Paint on another layer of liquid latex, then continue adding small strips until the desired look is achieved. Seal the look with a blast of low heat from the hair dryer.

Next, add texture around the face by mixing latex with instant oatmeal. "It makes a great texture if you want to just have dirty rotten skin," Schoneberg says.

Add clumps to the skin and smooth down the edges to blend. Dry it into place with a hair dryer set on low heat.

Add a final layer of liquid latex to seal in all of the "rotted skin" and wrinkles. Lightly powder the face and apply makeup for the final effect. Use light colors to create a "real pale, dead skin tone," according to Schoneberg.

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Bring out the bony structure by creating shadows. Apply black makeup along the cheekbones, temples, and eye sockets. Add "diseased" areas with green makeup. "Green is an unnatural color on people's faces and a little disturbing to most people," Schoneberg explains to Us.

For the final step, add fake blood. "You can make your own version very easily with corn syrup and food coloring," Schoneberg reveals to Us. Then paint on with a makeup or paint brush.

"That oughta be dead and creepy enough to scare the pants off all your friends," says Schoneberg.

The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 31 at 10 p.m. (EST)

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