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Halloween Movie and Wine Pairings: What to Drink and Watch

Watch this, drink that! Us Weekly pairs five Halloween movies with win
Watch this, drink that! Us Weekly pairs five Halloween movies with wines for your tasting -- and viewing pleasure -- see our picks here 

What makes an epic fright night movie marathon even better? A glass of wine, of course! Us Weekly features five wine pairings to accompany Halloween movie classics like Ghostbusters, Scream, and more!

1. Watch: Ghostbusters
Drink: Uproot Wines’ 2012 Grenache, $46

Ghostbusters - Uproot Wines' 2012 Grenache

Pour a glass of this deep Grenache, which has hints of toasted marshmallow, while watching the beloved 1984 paranormal comedy flick Ghostbusters. The subtle hints of marshmallow (hello terrifying Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!) are blended with tahitian vanilla, strawberry, cherry, and baking spice as part of the unique red’s flavor palette.

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2. Watch: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Drink: Voga Italia’s Red Fusion, $11.99

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Voga Italia's Red Fusion Wine

It’s fruity but dark, and mildly outlandish, but this wine reminds Us of a particular Halloween character: Jack Skellington! Voga Italia’s Red Fusion is a blend of part Cabernet Sauvignon and part Zinfandel. The result is a wine that includes blackberry, black cherry, and black raspberry notes, with a hint of mint — so blended that it brings the Pumpkin King of Halloween together with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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3. Watch: The Sixth Sense
Drink: Michael David Winery 6th Sense Syrah, $20

The Sixth Sense - Michael David 6th Sense Syrah Wine

This wine will make you see dead people! Not really, but enjoy the delicious packed Syrah from Lodi, Calif., which includes deep, juicy red tones and hints of plum, blackberry, and mulberry. Pair it with M. Night Shyamalan’s spooky 1999 thriller starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, and enjoy the surprise twists and multifaceted relationship between each character.

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4. Watch: Shaun of the Dead
Drink: Skinnygirl Prosecco, $14.99

Shaun of The Dead - Skinnygirl Prosecco

Halloween light! Too much of a wimp to watch a truly scary movie? Bundle up in a big blanket and watch one of Us Weekly‘s 10 beloved Halloween movie picks that won’t scare you senseless. Afraid of calories, too? Try a light, bubbly sip like Skinnygirl Prosecco for a fun airy night that will leave you spook-free!

Can’t pry your eyes away from the screen? Keep your beverages cold with a wine-chilling carafe from Rabbit ($50) with a stainless steel ice chamber that will keep your wine cold and non-diluted through these movies.

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5. Watch: Classics like The Amityville Horror, Scream, Friday the 13th
Drink: HobNob Wicked Red, $10.99

For the true horror movie buffs, try this new wine from HobNob that comes in a wicked cool Day of the Dead, Halloween-themed bottle. Sit back, pour a glass, and enjoy classic scary movies like The Amityville Horror (1979 or 2005), Scream (1996), or Friday the 13th (1980).

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