‘Hills’ Star Caroline D’Amore Shows Us Her 9-Product ‘Beauty Sleep’ Routine — Watch

Ice queen! The Hills: New Beginnings’ newbie Caroline D’Amore captured her full Beauty Sleep routine for Us and shared the 9 products that are her must-haves when it comes to a good nighttime skincare routine. Her favorite product — which involves using your freezer — helps prevents inflammation and puffiness. Watch the exclusive video above —the latest in Us Weekly’s Beauty Sleep series — to see how the Pizza Girl founder, 37, winds down.

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Ice, Ice Beauty
“I recently found this, it’s by Faceé and it’s super cool. You keep it in your freezer. They are these cool little balls on sticks that you freeze and you just kind of roll them all over your face,” she explained. “It takes away any inflammation and puffiness. It’s good to do it in the morning, too. You’re, kind of, icing your face.”

Hills’ Star Caroline D’Amore’s Icy Beauty Gadget is a Must-Have for Summer

Tea Time
“As I’m trying to wind down and relax, I make a little tea and lately I’ve been putting this Beauty Collagen in it, it’s by Dr. Kay,” she showed Us. “The wind down time of the day is my favorite because, we’re so go, go, go all day. It’s important to take some time to relax and just take some time to yourself and take care of yourself. Beauty and skin is a big part of feeling good about yourself every day, so I think it’s really important.”

Silky Sleep Hack
“I’ve been hearing a lot about silk pillow cases. Apparently if you use silk pillow cases, it’s not as bad on your skin. I’m always rolling over, onto my face and then I wake up and I have these big creases under my eyes,” D’amore told Us.  “I just got a silk eye cover. This one is by Kumi Kookoon, and it’s so soft and feels really good.”

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Dr. Kay All Day
“This is Dr. Kay’s Resurfacing Micro Peel. I just turned 37. So, it’s really time to start digging in with the stuff that’s really going to make a difference,” she said. “You can really feel that it’s going to take off all the dead skin. I started using her products about a year ago. If I showed you before and after pictures, you’d be really amazed.”

Hills’ Star Caroline D’Amore’s Icy Beauty Gadget is a Must-Have for Summer
Caroline D’Amore.

Pizza Party
Before winding down for the night, D’Amore can often be found testing out a new sauce recipe for her line of Pizza Girl sauces. 

“It was so hard to find organic sauces that had no added sugar and fat — and there wasn’t a single jar that represented the moms of my generation,” she noted. “Us millennial moms care about every single ingredient but still want that high quality taste, with a fresh spin on packaging.”

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To find out more about D’Amore’s sauce line, visit here, and for more of D’Amore’s Beauty Sleep routine, watch the exclusive video above.

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