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This Horse Has Better Hair Than You and a Facebook Following of 13,000

Frederik the Great
Frederik the Great Friesian stallion Cally Matherly

Horse or romance novel model? Hard to say if you’re looking at Frederik the Great, an internet-famous Friesian stallion who has over 13,000 (and counting!) followers on Facebook.

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The cause behind this phenom? Two words: hair goals. Frederik’s enviable mane, with its glorious, tousled, natural waves, is leaving social media users breathless and begging for more.

“There will NEVER be a more majestic, handsome, sexy horse on the face of the earth,” one Facebook user wrote. “Never, ever.”

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“We call people and cars sexy, but can we say that about an animal?” one fan, Carolette, asked. “The hell with it, that horse is sexy! lol :)”

Frederik the Great and Fabio Cally Matherly; Maureen Donaldson/Getty

And the stallion, who has been compared to Fabio and resides in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, even replies to his loyal fans’ gushing comments. “Oh yes Ms. Carolette you can, you can! Signed, Frederik the Great.”

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The Black Beauty look-alike, who was named after the historic Prussian king who ruled from 1740 to 1786, competes on a national level on behalf of his owners, Pinnacle Friesians, and has fans all over the globe, from France to Australia.

Cally Matherly

Frederik, whose hair reaches down to the ground when standing, has already had to turn down movie contracts. “I have been approached by Universal Studios and the producers of ‘Gods and Kings’ one was filmed in Ireland and the other in Mexico,” he explained to one commenter (his owner Stacy Nazario operate his page). “Due to my schedule and other commitments this would have required too much time and a whole lot of stress on me. My Human didn’t want that thank you for asking.”

Have you ever been jealous of a horse? Are you now?