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Iconic Celeb Hairstyles Recreated With Bubbles on Cute Kids Are a Little Pop of Joy

Princess Leia
Paddy's Bathroom commissioned stylist Peter Beckett to recreate iconic celeb hairstyles in bubbles on little kids  

These hairstyles really pop! Want to try out a new ‘do without committing to it at the salon? Look no further than your bathtub.

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Kid-friendly toiletry brand Paddy’s Bathroom put a fun new spin on some iconic celeb hairstyles by recreating them on little kids — with bubbles! Not surprisingly, the results are utterly adorable.

Bubble Kids group 2
Celeb hairstyles recreated in bubbles (clockwise from top left): Mr. T (No. 4), Jackie O (No. 5), Diana Ross (No. 6), and Jennifer Aniston (No. 2)

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To complete the project, the company first polled Americans around the country to choose the most iconic celeb manes of all time, from Audrey Hepburn‘s chic Breakfast at Tiffany’s updo to Jennifer Aniston‘s now-infamous Rachel cut from Friends. Armed with a top 10 list, they then commissioned stylist Peter Beckett to sculpt the ‘dos out of foam.

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No. 1 with a bullet is obviously Elvis Presley’s perfectly poufed pompadour, which he popularized during the 1950s heyday of rockabilly. (Check out those badass bubble mutton chops!)

Bubble Kid Elvis

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Following close behind are Aniston’s layered cut from Friends and (our personal favorite!) Princess Leia’s signature side buns from Star Wars. We’re also partial to the simple but still awesome wavy locks of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton (No. 8 on the list), David Beckham‘s mini mohawk (No. 9), and Diana Ross‘ ’70s afro (No. 6).

Bubble Kids group 1
Celeb hairstyles recreated in bubbles on little kids (clockwise from top left): Kate Middleton (No. 8), Harry Styles (No. 10), David Beckham (No. 9), and Audrey Hepburn (No. 7)

Tell Us: Which of the Paddy’s Bathroom bubble barber ‘dos is your fave?

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