Justin Theroux Explains His Grungy Style: “I’d Feel Naked Without Jeans and Boots”

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Justin Theroux 

Jennifer Aniston's future husband Justin Theroux is a very loyal guy — especially when it comes to fashion. The 41-year-old actor opens up in the April issue of Esquire magazine on why fans will rarely see him wearing anything other than jeans and boots even in the summer.

"A friend once shared with me an idiotic maxim: Regardless of the season, a guy's attire 'should always be winter from the waist down: jeans and boots,' Theroux writes in Esquire. "Chuckling, I dismissed the quote until it dawned on me that he had just described a hips-down uniform I've slavishly adhered to ever since I stopped wearing training pants and Grip 'n' Gos."

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Why does the Wanderlust actor feel a sense of loyalty to his grungy attire? "Maybe it's my long-standing aversion to almost anything loose fitting," he contemplates. "Maybe my loyalty to these jeans and boots isn't so much an endorsement of them as it is an expression of my distaste for anything else."

But Aniston's fiance does admit his beloved boots and jeans aren't always the most practical choice. When people approach him in the summer and ask if he's too hot, Theroux says he usually lies and says he's "good" while "looking like the guy whose face melted when the Nazis opened the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders."

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Still, Theroux, who proposed to Aniston, 44, in August 2012, says he'd rather sweat than wear anything else. He did not say, however, if he'll be styling his beloved jeans and boots down the aisle.

"I guess it goes without saying that we all make sacrifices when we choose what we wear, but the "winter from the waist down" mantra is not without merit," he writes. "It's just that between the months of May and September, I still have absolutely no idea what those merits are."

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"The truth is, I'd feel naked without jeans and boots (a feeling that's amplified when I'm actually naked)," he confesses, "but in spite of the shin sweat that pours into my boots every summer, I'll still likely be wearing them long after I've traded in my motorcycle for a Jazzy."

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