Kara DioGuardi Changing Her Look on ‘Idol’

 Ray Mickshaw/FOX

New season, new look for American Idol's Kara DioGuardi.

"I'm not sure I liked all my hairstyles or my makeup or my clothes [last season] — I'd look at it and go, 'Oh my God,'" the judge, 39, tells the New York Post.

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Continues DioGuardi, "Part of it is that I'm somebody who doesn't wear a lot of makeup or do a lot with my hair… so it was hard to see myself all dolled up.

"At times [last season] it was funny to see me with that curly hair and [wearing] a pretty dress. When I look at myself, I'd like not to have hair on the top of the ceiling," she goes on.

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As for what she'll wear this year, DioGuardi says she's "still experimenting and still getting it together… I'm definitely trying to go more to a natural style, more rock-glam — just something that feels more like me."

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But the singer/songwriter doesn't want her style to be the main focus of the ninth season.

"I'm certainly not making a big deal out of it,” she says. "It can't be about hair and makeup — it's about the kids."

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