Kendall Jenner Poses Topless for Interview Magazine, Admits to Compulsive Lying as a Child

Kendall Jenner in Interview Magazine
Kendall Jenner poses topless for Interview magazine and shares Bruce Jenner's best advice ever. 

Topless on her rise to the top! Kendall Jenner poses in a racy new spread for Interview magazine‘s July 2014 issue. The provocative photos, taken by Mikael Jansson, first feature the 18-year-old model wearing a black shirt and high-waisted shorts. In subsequent snapshots, the reality star casually removes everything from the waist up, eventually covering her breasts with both hands as she looks on through a seductive cat eye.

“To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be,” Jenner told the mag of being a model. Kim Kardashian‘s second-youngest-half-sister experienced a meteoric (and nipple-baring!) jump-start to her career in February, when she walked on several designer runways in New York and Paris.

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“I was always looking up to supermodels,” Jenner added. “They were, like, my superheroes.” She also admitted to being starstruck by Beyonce. “Of course I have!” she said. “Queen Bey.” The teen also cited the person she would like to meet most, dead or alive, is Martin Luther King Jr.

More accessible heroes in her life, though, are her famous parents, Olympian Bruce Jenner and momager Kris Jenner. “My dad is my everything,” Kendall said of her role model. “He always had the craziest speeches for Kylie and me growing up, good words to live by.”

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The athlete’s best advice for his daughters? “‘Dream big, work hard,'” Jenner told Interview. “My parents brought up Kylie and me to be workaholics. That’s something I really appreciate.”

Indeed, Jenner has been super busy over the last month. The young beauty flew off to Cannes, flew back to L.A., and jet-setted back to Europe for Kim’s “amazing” May 24 wedding to Kanye West.

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Now back in America, she and Kylie have just released their first novel. The two also share their own PacSun line and film Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Jenner, who admitted that she had a bit of a lying problem as a child, said that her sister is the only person she fibs to now.

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“I would tell people I was from Hawaii, but I had a Southern accent,” Jenner recalled of her childhood. “I was the biggest liar for no reason, and then as I got older, I thought, ‘Why am I lying to everybody?’ I would hear other people lie and be like, ‘You sound so stupid.’ So then I would just change my lies. The only person I lie to is my little sister, when I steal her clothes.”

Jenner said that unlike what viewers might believe, she’s actually very thankful for her life, too. “I’ve really learned to appreciate a moment. I take things in a lot. I’m kind of weird like that,” she explained. “I like to go outside at night by myself and look at the sky and just appreciate it. I’m not that big of a weirdo, but—occasionally.”

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