Lucy Hale Gets Her Bold Brows From Her Dad

Lucy Hale just revealed the secret to her bold, beautiful brows: it’s genetics! The former star of Pretty Little Liars shared a fresh-faced photo of herself with her father in Vancouver, Canada on Instagram, and we can totally see that strong brows run on her dad’s side of the family.

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“Papa Bear takes on the Couve ?? Ya wonder where I got my brows from?” the 28-year-old actress and Avon brand ambassador captioned the photo on Saturday, September 30. 

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Although her thick brows have become part of her signature look these days, Lucy confessed that she once had a unibrow and fell victim to over plucking at one point, like most of us. “I was always a little girl with a unibrow, and you go through a brow evolution,” she told Teen Vogue. “Now, I don’t even do anything to them. Your body remembers what you want. I finally found the shape that works for me. All [my makeup artist] Kelsey [Deenihan] does is fill them in a little bit. I’ve had horror stories where I’ve over-plucked them, and then finally they grow back out, and then I let someone else touch them and it is a disaster. I vowed to never let anyone touch them again. Long live the big brow!”

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Preach, Lucy! So what products does she use to beautify those brows? In addition to being blessed with good genes, the starlet told W magazine that her go-to goods are Diorshow Brow Styler and Mark’s Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil in Universal Shade.

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