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Molly Sims Loves This $9 Concealer: See What’s in Her Bag

Secrets, secrets are no fun! When Molly Sims recently stopped by Us Weekly’s New York City headquarters, we had to know what her go-to beauty products were. She shares the beauty products she won’t leave home without and reveals what else she keeps in her Saint Laurent fringed bucket bag – watch the video above to find out!

Molly Sims

While in New York to team up with LiveHealth Online, the model also told Us about her new book – Everyday Chic: My Secrets for Entertaining, Organizing, and Decorating at Home. “It’s all about making things that take a lot of effort, look effortless. Whether it be in the kitchen, design and décor, organization, we talk a happy, healthy home.” The mom of three knows how to get things done all while looking and feeling great, inside and out!

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Eye Catching

“This is so sad to admit. I thought some things were blurry on my phone and I was like oh that’s weird, but then I was like oh, I’m just tired. I ended up having to get some reading glasses. They’re my Celine reading glasses, I’m a little bit embarrassed, but at least they look great.”

Her Secret Weapon

“I just reordered this, its gonna sound disgusting, but like after four years! It’s the perfect foundation, cover up, concealer stick. It’s Lorac. This is the medium one.” The concealer retails for just $9! “I don’t sleep a lot with my kids and I feel like this is my secret weapon. It’s really good.”

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Hair Care

“I have split ends because I dye my hair with Tracey Cunningham too many times a year. Its called ‘Eclat Naturel’, and it’s a styling cream [by Leonor Greyl]. I use it on my ends because I use so much dry shampoo that I become dry shampoo! So this makes it a little better.”

Double-Duty Beauty

“I love this great new product I found in the Hamptons. It’s Ilia, and its ‘At Last’, it’s the perfect color for cheeks, lips and eyes. It’s so good.”

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Fresh Breath

“Altoids. Always a fave. They always make me sneeze, which is weird so I don’t know why I keep doing that to myself, because every time I take one, I sneeze, very odd!”

Money Bags

“You know I’m a mom so everything’s in a freaking Ziploc, okay?” She said as she pulled out a ziplock baggy of cash. Who needs a wallet?! “I’m like an old lady. I literally have my cash in here.”

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