Melissa Gorga’s Guide to Finding Your Perfect Bikini — and Getting Her Bikini Body!

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Self-proclaimed “swimsuit junkie” and Real Housewives of New York star Melissa Gorga is sharing her bikini shopping tips and how to score her banging body with Us! “I have more swimsuits probably than I do underwear, which is crazy, but it’s true!” the 38-year-old Bravo star told Us Weekly when we caught up with her at the New York Food and Wine Festival, where she was enjoying Di Lusso deli meat. Read on to find out the Envy boutique owner’s bikini tips.

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1. Make sure your bikini top fits well. “I feel like everyone needs to learn how to pick bikinis that fit their breasts properly,” the RHONJ star, who’s favorite swim brands include L*Space and Chaser, revealed. “I don’t like when the underboob is hanging out and I don’t like when there’s too much middle. I feel like you need to pick a bikini that has the perfect amount of coverage, which is not too much and not too little.”

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2. Don’t be afraid to get a little cheeky. “It took me awhile to get used to baring a little bit more booty,” Gorga admits.”I don’t necessarily like G strings, but I do like when it’s a little bit of a booty cut. There’s another cut that goes straight up which I don’t like. It looks like a diaper. You never wear bathing suits in the back that look like you’re wearing a diaper. It has to have some kind of arch where it makes your two round cheeks look plump and lots of squats help with that.”

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3. Monokinis are a figure-flattering option, but beware of high cut ones. “If you’re not feeling good that day in the midsection and you don’t feel like baring all, then you can wear the monokini and I love those too,” she told Us. “Be careful with the monokinis because when they’re way too skimpy in the front, they just look trashy. There’s a fine line between a hot, sexy, classy, monokini, and a trashy, gross one, so don’t cross the line.”

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4. Learn to love going to the gym. “I workout four to five days a week and it’s part of my life,” the mother of three told Us. “That one hour a day is for me and it’s probably the only hour in the whole day that’s about me without being for work or for my kids, so I always tell everybody, ‘Stop looking at the gym like it’s a punishment’ or like ‘Ohmygod, I dread it.’ Look at it like, ‘This is the one hour of the day that I’m going to better myself and it’s all about me.’ And you’re taking care of you so you can look good on Friday night when you go out. It’s not a punishment to go to the gym, it’s a gift … it’s an investment in yourself!”

5. Use protection. “I have darker skin tone so I do get dark spots and it freaks me out but I am a huge believer in zinc now,” Gorga shared. “I used to be like, ‘Oh, I’ll put on the 20 sunblock.’ Now, I only use pure zinc because I will get dark spots.” One way she helps combat dark spots is getting laser treatments from her dermatologist. “I get the Picoway laser and that just evens out any dark spots you get from the sun,” she said. “It’s preventative. I’m never going in the sun again without 100 percent zinc on my face!”

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