Sharon Stone Reveals the Story Behind Her Iconic Gap Turtleneck at the 1996 Oscars — ‘The Guy Ruined My Dress’

Sharon Stone Reveals Why She Wore That Iconic Gap Shirt to the 1996 Oscars
Sharon Stone at the 1996 Academy Awards. Dave Lewis/Shutterstock

Who knew?! Sharon Stone wore one of the most iconic Oscars looks of all time. Now she’s sharing the story behind it.

In 1996, the blonde beauty was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Casino. But instead of wearing a glamorous, show-stopping designer gown to the awards, she showed up in a Gap turtleneck. Why? Because her dress options were ruined just 24-hours before the big event.

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On Thursday, April 16, the 62-year-old appeared on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series No Filter With Naomi where she discussed this epic choice.

Vera [Wang] was making me two dresses and we were trying to make one from this Fortuny fabric and it kept stretching and changing and moving, so we weren’t quite sure it would come together but we were experimenting,” she explained. “And we were making this other great dress, this pink dress and it came and the FedEx guy dropped it out of the back of his truck and backed up over it. The box broke open and the dress had a black tire track across the whole of the front — the day before the Oscars.”

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Naturally, the actress was “freaked out” seeing that this was such a major moment for her. “I finally made it to this big moment in my career and the guy ruined my dress. There’s a big tire track down my dress.”

So she had to come up with a new game plan and quickly. She enlisted her bodyguard to find the costume designer from Basic Instincts, Ellen Mirojnick, to help her come up with a new look.

“I said ‘Ellen you have to come over, I am so, so screwed.’” After looking at the ruined dress, she told Stone to pull her favorite clothes from her closet, no matter what it was. Stone said she came back with everything black she owned, throwing them on the bedroom floor.

“She just kept sitting there looking at them like it was a science problem,” Stone recalled. “She eventually started putting things together, so we ended up putting together this Gap shirt and a ready to wear Valentino skirt, then I had this Armani tuxedo dress that I wore as a jacket and I picked a Gardenia out of the garden and that was it.”

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