Stacy London Claims Vogue May Not Have Hired Her If She Weighed 180 Pounds: Find Out the Details

Stacy London at Metropolitan Pavilion on April 25, 2013 in NYC.
Celeb stylist Stacy London says she wouldn't have landed a job at Vogue earlier on in her career if she were 180 pounds.  

Maybe there was some truth to The Devil Wears Prada after all?  

After her blunt critique of festival style, Stacy London returns with even more controversial statements about the fashion world, and this time they're about Vogue.

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"Vogue was my first job out of college," celebrity stylist and host of TLC's Love, Lust or Run, 45, told editor Amy Odell on March 31. "I had been very thin [when] I interviewed for the job, then got double pneumonia before I started and within a year, I was up to 180 pounds."

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To hide the extra weight and blend in with Anna Wintour's team of budding fashionistas, London clung hard to one particular trend. "Talk about feeling like an outsider… Lucky for me, that was the year grunge came in, so I could wear flannel shirts and big peasant skirts!" London said. 

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Although loose clothing could hide her new curves, London admits that she may not have landed the gig in the first place after gaining weight. "I don't know whether I would have been hired at 180 pounds," the What Not to Wear alum said.

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What she does know is that, from her experience, working hard outweighed a slender frame. "Not looking the part in that environment was hard, but I overcompensated, did the work of three assistants, and tried to be the class clown," she admitted. "Honestly, it's less about whether Vogue would have hired me and much more about my own self-esteem issues. I worked super hard to compensate for not being a size 0."

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