Style Crush: Electropop Star Zara Larsson’s Casual Cool Style

Armed with her second album, So Good, out now, electropop sensation Zara Larsson is primed for her moment in the spotlight. Stylish recently caught up with the 19-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter, who was discovered on a televised talent show at the age of 10, and chatted about her style icons, why she thinks bare shoulders are sexier than cleavage and her recent Topshop purchase. Read on for more!

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Us: Who are your style icons?

ZL: I would say that my biggest idol in style is definitely Rihanna. Especially what she’s doing in music. She’s not tied down to one style or to wearing one thing. She can be really cute and feminine one day, and then the next day she can be really tomboyish with a short cut. She doesn’t really have one thing that she sticks by and that’s what I love.

Us: Who are some of your favorite designers to wear on the red carpet?

ZL: I like Dolce & Gabbana a lot. Their stuff is very glamorous. I like Stella McCartney. I also like that she’s super vegan and everything is cruelty-free.

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Us: You’ve spoken out about being a feminist in the past. Does that influence your clothing choices in any way?

ZL: If I want to dress super sexy, that always stays on my mind because women have always been viewed as objects and things that men would own, almost. Like, ‘Who am I dressing up for like this? Do I want to do this? That always stays on my mind. If I want to be sexy, I am definitely going out and I’m going to be sexy as hell if I want to be that.

Us: Describe your ultimate supersexy outfit.

ZL: I think shoulders are more sexy than cleavage. I would wear a cold-shoulder top. I love that look. Sexy doesn’t necessarily mean little. You don’t have to wear a mini-mini skirt and show a lot of boobs. If you want to do that, cool, go ahead. But I would just feel like everything is popping out. I want to be comfortable. I like a good thigh-high, though — I can’t lie.

Us: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

ZL: I like Pixie Market, Revolve and then, of course, Topshop. Oh my gosh, I was in Topshop the other day, and I bought these heels. Let me set the scene: Picture a woman in her late 60s who basically just lives on her husband’s fortune because he died mysteriously somehow. And she is just walking around in her house with a really long robe and these heels on. They’re pink; they’re really high. They look like slip-ons and the band over the foot is superfluffy. So they’re like housewives heels. They’re really high, they’re pink and they’re fluffy. That’s everything you want in a shoe, and I bought them.

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