Travis Takes On Festival-Inspired Graffiti Lips, Glitter Brows and Hair Tattoos

Flower crowns and flash-tats around the arms are so 2012! Take a look at some hot new festival-season beauty trends for 2017. In this week’s Travis Takes On, Senior Reporter and beauty fanatic Travis Cronin demonstrates how to step up your glitter game with some easy — but fierce — beauty trends perfect for any music festival.

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Graffiti Lips are a unique way to step up any festival ensemble with an original and conversation-starting signature look. If you were not blessed with big lips, Cronin recommends starting with Violent Lips’ InstaPlumper leave-on treatment ($18.00 on, to give you more surface area to work with. The InstaPlumper contains natural ingredients including cinnamon oil, sunflower oil, ginger oil, peppermint and coffee bean oil to give your mouth a pouty plump for up to eight hours. Be prepared: The treatment will tingle!

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After your lips are plumped and primed, let the lip flash-tatting begin. Use scissors to cut out the desired tattoos (Minis by Violent Lips $10.00 on, peel off the plastic, then transfer onto the lip by using a wet paper towel or napkin. This process may be familiar to those of you who have used temporary tattoos before, but Cronin recommends sliding the back paper off instead of peeling it backwards; the decal will go on more smoothly. Continue applying the decals to the lips in a scattered fashion to create the graffiti look.

Graffiti Lips
Minis by Violent Lips.

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If graffiti lips are a little too intense for your festival beauty needs, Cronin recommends adding some hair tattoos to turn up an outfit. With hair-specific flash-tats from scünci (4.99 at Walgreens or Walmart), use the same process as you’d use for a lip tattoo, cutting, placing onto the hair, pushing a damp cloth onto the tattoo and holding for 15 to 30 seconds. Transferring the hair tattoos can be a little tricky, so be sure to slide off the back of the decal instead of peeling it up from one side to ensure that the tattoo looks fresh and intact.

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The final look in this week’s video are glitter brow tips. These are probably the easiest and least expensive way to shine while you’re dancing at Coachella or crowd-surfing at Governor’s Ball. To apply glitter to the brow, under eyes or any part of the body, Cronin recommends Vaseline as the easiest method of application. Start by using a Q-tip and applying Vaseline to the end of the eyebrow or under the eyes. After the Vaseline is in place, take any cosmetic glitter and apply with a Q-tip or fingers on top of the Vaseline. After application, take a fresh Q-tip and clean up any excess glitter to make sure it looks sharp. The Q-tip will work as an eraser and take off any lingering sparkles.

Take these beauty trends and become the glitter unicorn you’ve always wanted to be!

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