Inflated Balloons Can Create Bouncy, Heat-Free Curls (Yes, Really!)


There are plenty of slightly wacky (but totally cool!) blogger and vlogger beauty hacks floating around the Web, but this one goes above and beyond. Tina Lee, who vlogs for her own MakeupWearables Hairstyles YouTube channel, demonstrated an awesome way to obtain huge and heat-free curls by using balloons. And with summer around the corner, who wouldn’t want to give their curling wand a break? 

Lee emphasized that the balloons shouldn’t be fully inflated and should be about the size of a small peach. The “rollers” are supposed to be mushy so that they won’t pop overnight. To make sure that your strands are secure around the balloon, just pin them at the top and bottom of the inflatable.

In the video, Lee — who boasts more 940,000 subscribers on YouTube — had planned on using longer balloons (the ones that clowns use for animal shapes) for the hack. But after 10 minutes of unsuccessful huffing and puffing, the New York–based Korean stylist headed to Walmart for regular-size inflatables. The vlogger, who has also used maxipads, socks and toilet-paper rolls to achieve curls, suggests leaving the balloons in for six to eight hours. Watch the video above to see if the hack really worked! Would you try this trick? Tell Us in the comments below! 

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