A Lost Star Weds

Credit: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage.com

The series finale of Lost is still months away, but one of the hit show's stars has already gotten her happy ending.

Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun Kwon on the ABC drama, married her boyfriend Jeong Hyeok Park, 36, in Hawaii on Sunday, TV Guide reports.

Kim, 37, met her husband in 2002 when he began as her manager. Now, he heads his own entertainment company.

The two exchanged vows on the beach of Hawaii, where they have filmed Lost for the past six seasons. Still, she and Park will wait until after shooting is complete to go on their honeymoon.

Tuesday night's episode of Lost will focus on Kim's character and her on-screen husband Jin (played by Daniel Dae Kim). The series finale will air May 23.