Britney Spears: The Hardest Part of My Day Is Working Out

Celebrity Body Nov. 22, 2011 AT 7:54PM
Britney Spears: The Hardest Part of My Day Is Working Out Credit: Steve Granitz/

If anyone deserves a break, it's Britney Spears.

The 29-year-old pop star has been touring the globe since June to promote her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale -- and according to Spears, the grueling pace is finally starting to take its toll.

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"Trying to get up and go work out in the morning [is hard]. I haven't worked out in, like, two weeks," she admits to The UK's Stylist. "Sometimes it's hard to be motivated. But once you get up and do it you feel like you've conquered the world."

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When Spears isn't thinking about maintaining her figure, she indulges in her favorite food: "Chocolate. Definitely chocolate."

"I love Scores, with the caramel in the middle, and every once in awhile if I'm really hungry then a Snickers bar is good," Spears says. "And M&Ms are great, Hershey's Whoppers are great, Raisinettes...Twixes are great, too. And the new Hershey's Cookies & Cream."

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Not that Spears needs a sugar rush before she takes the stage. "I usually listen to a lot of hip-hop in my dressing room when I'm getting ready," she tells Stylist. "And I like a lot of rock stuff like Aerosmith. That really gets me going and pumps me up. And then of course, there's Jessie J and Adele."

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Despite her illustrious career, there's still one more thing Spears wants to accomplish: "I would like to go skydiving!"

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