Worried about sabotaging your diet during upcoming holiday meals?

Us Weekly asked celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak -- who will offer his expertise as part of ABC's new show The Revolution in January -- to suggest his top tips to navigate the holiday dinner table.

In the video above, Pasternak -- who has trained Amanda Seyfried and Lady Gaga -- suggests eating in stages, and making multiple trips to the buffet.

To avoid eating with your eyes and not your stomach, our expert says it's best to fill up on high-water foods and lean proteins first, before indulging in dessert.

"Satiety, or the idea of feeling full, actually lags behind ingestion. It takes a few minutes to feel full," Pasternak tells Us.

For more of the trainer's top nutrition tips, check out the video above and tune in to his new transformation series, The Revolution, this January on ABC.