PIC: Ali Fedotowsky on Crutches After Knee Injury

Credit: MAP/Splash News

Accident prone Ali!

Former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky has had a rough few months. First, she got five staples in her head in April following a kayaking mishap, and now Fedotowsky, 26, has fractured her femur.

Photographed hobbling around on crutches Tuesday outside the San Diego TV studio where she works as an on-air correspondent, Fedotowsky took to Twitter to explain her most recent accident, which a source tells Us Weekly occurred in early May.

"I fractured my femur and have a osteochondral defect in my knee. Such a bummer," she wrote in response to fellow Bachelorette star Trista Sutter's tweet of concern. Later, Fedotowsky -- engaged to Roberto Martinez -- joked to a fan that she should outfit herself in bubble wrap to prevent future injury.

The source tells Us that Fedotowsky, who's "in a lot of pain," will soon be meeting with a surgeon to discuss treatment options.

As of Tuesday afternoon, though, the reality star was in better spirits. "At Fox 5 San Diego. About to talk juices cleanses & then The Bachelorette!" she wrote.