Scott Eastwood's Davidoff Cool Water Photo Shoot Will Make Your Day Better Than Ever — See the Insanely Hot Pics

Scott Eastwood models for Davidoff Cool Water in Hawaii and looks really good while doing it. Credit: COTY/Splash News

Okay, Scott Eastwood is like, really, REALLY hot. The Longest Ride actor, 29, showcased his genetically gifted bod and face during a Davidoff Cool Water photo shoot in Hawaii on Thursday, July 2.

Clint Eastwood’s son donned just blue jeans — his signature ensemble, which we greatly appreciate, by the way — and put his bulging biceps and washboard abs on display while posing like a perfect god in the ocean for the camera. 

The rising Hollywood star became the face of the brand following Paul Walker’s death.

“I’m a big ocean guy. I fish, surf, dive. I was really good buddies with Paul Walker,” he told USA Today on Friday, June 26, at a press event for the fragrance. “He was like my big brother. He didn’t want to put his name on a product for money. He believed in this. He was a big ocean guy as well. To me, the ocean conservation is the most important thing.”

And with that, we give you sensitive, perfect, hot Scott Eastwood.