Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Reveals How His Baby Daughter Jane Ruined Mother's Day: See the Photos

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Reveals How His Baby Daughter Jane Ruined Mother's Day: See the Photos

That's his baby girl! Jimmy Kimmel boasted on Monday, May 9, that he had arranged a seemingly seamless Mother's Day for his wife, Molly McNearney, that was ultimately disassembled by their adorable 22-month-old daughter, Jane.

"I thought I did a very good job," the late-night host, 48, shared with Jimmy Kimmel Live viewers. "In the morning, my wife and her mother and sister all went to get massages. While they were out, I made a fantastic brunch — waffles on the waffle iron, eggs, homemade biscuits. Good stuff, right? The flowers showed up on time. My wife loved the gifts I got her, including a bathing suit, which is a tough one. You could start a war buying your wife a bathing suit. But it fit perfectly."

Then, they got to dinner. "It turns out the only bad thing about Mother's Day is having children," Kimmel joked as a picture of his wife consoling their baby girl flashed across the screen.

"I took some photos of the evening. This is our daughter Jane," Kimmel continued. "Jane decided to celebrate Mother's Day by making my wife wish she had no kids. [Jane] wouldn't eat. She wouldn't sit still. She had no crayons. They had no high chairs."

Kimmel stopped at one particularly funny image of his wife looking defeated with Jane by her side. "Look at my wife's face," he said with a laugh. "She did not let us relax for one second."

According to Kimmel, the family hurried through dinner and even skipped dessert so they could get the antsy little one home. Despite the disastrous dinner, daddy's little girl somehow still enjoyed a delicious dessert — which Kimmel admitted was poor parenting. The family stopped by an ice cream parlor, and that's when baby Jane finally settled down. The TV personality shared a photo of his beaming little one eating ice cream and quipped: "That smile says, 'I win.'"

Watch the video above to see the adorable sequence of events.

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