Kellie Pickler: I'm Not Ready for Kids Yet!

Credit: FOX via Getty Images

Almost 18 months into her marriage to Kyle Jacobs, Kellie Pickler has no intention of expanding their family -- yet.

"You get married and everyone is trying to make you have babies," the singer -- who wed songwriter Jacobs on January 1, 2011 -- reasoned to Us Weekly backstage after performing on American Idol Thursday. "We are still in the honeymoon phase and honestly neither one of us really want to share each other with anybody!"

Argues the country songstress, 24: "I'm young. I got the rest of my life [to have kids]."

In the meantime, Pickler tells Us her bond with Jacobs, 37, couldn't be stronger.

"My husband is my best friend," she gushed. "We laugh so much and he is a good man. We are really enjoying [our family] being us."