Amy Poehler Smokes, Drinks, Wears Sexy Yellow Dress for First Post-Split Interview

Actress Amy Poehler during an interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on September 19, 2012. Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo

Amy Poehler and Jay Leno decided to kick it old school during her chat with the Tonight Show host Wednesday.

The newly single, Emmy-nominated actress -- rocking a sexy, bright yellow dress -- discussed her prep for Sunday's ceremony, and jokingly bemoaned the lack of booze at the TV awards show these days.

"Back in the day, the Emmy speeches were kind of angry and weepy, because everyone was a little drunk," Poehler, 41, said. "I wish everybody could bring that back."

Their discussion soon moved to talk shows of old.

"Remember when people used to smoke on talk shows?" Poehler asked Leno.

"Now, if a guest wants to have a cigarette, we have to call a fire marshal," the comedian informed his guest. Asking Poehler if that was something she'd be interested in, Leno assured her, "When we come back, this will be like the '60s."

As the show returned from its commercial break, Poehler took a drag from a cigarette and a sip from a martini sitting on Leno's desk.

"That's terrible," she proclaimed, making a face. "I liked it in theory but not in practice. Don't smoke."

Poehler's Tonight Show interview marked her first appearance since news of her split from husband Will Arnett broke September 6. Throughout the interview, the comedienne was her usual, bubbly self, and gave no indication anything had changed.

At the time of her and Arnett's breakup, a source close to the couple -- who have two sons together, Archie, 3, and Abel, 2 -- told Us Weekly that their decision was "very amicable."

Explained the insider, "There's still love between them."