Barack Obama, Donald Trump Did One Thing Very Differently Arriving at White House on Inauguration Days

Barack Obama, Donald Trump Did One Thing Very Differently Arriving at White House on Inauguration Days

Former president Barack Obama and President Donald Trump treated their wives very differently on their inauguration days — and these side-by-side videos highlight the distinction. 

The incoming POTUS, 70, and his wife, Melania Trump, arrived at the White House to meet with the Obamas on Friday, January 20. It’s been widely noted that as soon as Donald got out of the car, he bounded up the steps to greet the outgoing president and first lady, leaving the former model, 46, behind. Melania was forced to exit the car and make her way up the stairs alone — in heels while holding a Tiffany’s box for the Obamas — to join the conversation. Even as she approached the group, Donald didn’t turn around until Barack, 55, extended a hand to the Slovenian native.

The business mogul later marched ahead into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue while Melania trailed behind. Barack and Michelle, 53, each put a hand on her back to guide her through the door.

In contrast, at Barack’s 2009 inauguration, he was ever the gentleman. When the couple arrived at the White House, he waited for Michelle to get out of the car, lent her a hand and let her walk ahead of him. They greeted former president George W. Bush and his wife, first lady Laura Bush, together.

This wasn’t the only time, of course, that Donald’s behavior was scrutinized during Inauguration Day. During the swearing-in, Melania's face went from beaming to scowling after an interaction with her husband. The cover girl’s sad face quickly went viral, inspired memes and started the hashtag #SaveMelania.

As previously reported, Melania will be living apart from Donald for the first few months of his term. She will remain in New York City with their 10-year-old son, Barron, so that he can continue to attend his Upper West Side private school. She will commute back and forth to fulfill her duties as first lady. 

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