Caitlyn Jenner "Simpsonized" in Artist's New Series: See Her in Bed With Homer!

Homer Simpson and Caitlyn Jenner pose in bed in artist aleXsandro Palombo's new series. Credit: Alexsandro Palombo

Look out, Marge! Ever since the release of Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover earlier this month, the former Olympian, 65, has been featured everywhere — even Miley Cyrus created some Caitlyn-themed artwork. Now one artist has turned Jenner into a Simpsons character. 

AleXsandro Palombo recently released his new series, “Call me Wonder Caitlyn,” which features a “Simpsonized” version of the VF cover, a shot of Homer Simpson looking at the magazine which reads “Meet single transgender women looking for men!,” another shot of the pair in bed, one of her in a gold gown, and several images of Jenner dressed as the superhero Wonder Woman. 

"Nowadays, transgender citizens are still marginalized and forced to live in a very difficult social situation,” Palombo said in a statement on Facebook. “They are victims of prejudice, discrimination and in many cases criminalized and victims of violence. Despite all of this, the policy of many countries continues to be deaf in front of their rights. We must fight this medieval prejudice and intolerance because everyone deserves to live with dignity and lead a life that match their own sexual identity.”

This isn’t the first time Palombo has “Simpsonized” a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Back in June 2014, he also turned Jenner’s stepdaughter Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West into Simpsons characters, recreating their Vogue cover and her Playboy spread. 

He has also “Simpsonized the likes of Kate Middleton and Prince William and George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Tell Us: What do you think of Caitlyn Jenner’s new “Simpsonized” images?

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